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Suddenly, the boy brought in a young man dressed in white and with sad star eyes, a middle-aged man who was unusually handsome and full of melancholy temperament, and a lady who was full of noble spirit and charm, but full of deep melancholy thoughts. Xi Yin looked at these three people, the whole family, ah, all with a melancholy face. As soon as the lady came in and saw the silver, she ran and hugged her hard and hard, as if she were going to disappear. Daughter, it's really you. You're not dead. That's great! The lady's eyes filled with tears. Xi Yin secretly pondered, no wonder this cloud Haozhe did not appear for a few days, it turned out to be the parents who moved her body. But on this hot day, can you let her go first? The lady slowly let go of the silver and wiped away the tears. He looked at her deeply and carefully, stroking her eyebrows, face, nose and lips. They are your parents. Don't you know them? Yun Haozhe remembered her amnesia and told her softly. When Xi Yin heard what Yun Haozhe said, she wanted to say that she was not a princess, but when she looked at the lady and the man's happy and inexplicable eyes,uns s32760 plate, she could not say anything. In fact, this was indeed their daughter's body, and she was borrowing it. It seemed that she had to admit this identity. Wang Ye and the princess also knew from Yun Haozhe that Xi Yin had lost her memory, so they said something about her past, hoping that she could remember it. Xi Yin learned from the mouth of the three that she was the princess of the cloud kingdom. She stayed in the boudoir since childhood, never showed up, and occasionally went out with a veil,uns c70600, so she didn't know that there was such a beautiful woman coming down to earth. But the daughter can't go back for the time being. The princess spoke faintly, as if complaining. The three of them explained to her that she couldn't go back because the king of Izumo cared about her status as a servant and lost the face of the country, so he didn't agree with her to return home and restore her status as a princess. Nevertheless, this fell to match her meaning, busy way: "The daughter can with father … …" It's all right for father and mother to write to each other. I'm not used to it. But your father will ask Your Majesty to let you return home as soon as possible. Daughter, don't worry. Just wait for the good news. The princess comforted kindly. You've wronged your daughter for so many years. Have you suffered as a caretaker here? Wang Ye is very considerate and concerned. No, Aunt Qing is very kind to me. No matter what, my treatment is the best. "Xiyin replied with arched eyebrows and eyes." "Then the father will be relieved, but from now on, the daughter should not be a cleaner." Wang Ye looked serious. You're absolutely right. Before the South Snow Wing arrived, the sound came first. See the Southern King! The three men knelt in unison. Snow Wing thinks so, too? Xi Yin pursed her lips and asked with a smile, how could this man haunt her. Two people petrified, the prince said is true, a333 grade 6 pipe ,316l stainless steel pipe, the daughter and the east emperor and the south king relations are very good. They looked at Xi Yin and found that she was still sitting on the chair, and Wang Ye immediately pulled her down. Pow.. Xi Yin knelt on both feet. Dad, what are you doing? With tears in her eyes, Xi Yin stroked her knees. The pain was killing her. How can a daughter be so rude? Wang Ye and the princess taught a lesson in unison. Ha ha, Wang Ye princess's words are serious, silver nature need not stand on ceremony, because she is about to become my queen. Nan Xueyi quickly came over to pick up Xi Yin, and his words were not shocking. This book was first published by Xiaoxiang Academy, please do not reprint! [Volume II: The Last Stage of Chapter 64] As soon as Nan Xueyi's voice fell, Ximei and Bei Hanyu entered the hall like ghosts, their faces gloomy and terrible. Xi Yin wanted to be angry, but he was robbed first. The Southern King must speak with a sense of propriety. Ximei's tone is not good and very threatening. North Hanyu also looked down coldly at South Snow Wing, who was talking a lot of nonsense. Under the threatening and sinister eyes of the two men, Nan Xueyi had to shrug his shoulders and said, "This king is just joking." She let out a breath. Fortunately, it was a joke. It was really too much for her. Moments later, Dong Qifeng also came. The four of them began to flatter when they knew that Wang Ye and the princess were the parents of Xi Yin. Wang Ye and the princess need not stand on ceremony. "Wang Ye and Princess can call me Xiao Nan," said Nan Xueyi, who did not know what nausea was, and they were somewhat frightened. Wang Ye and Princess can call me Xiaodong. The two of them were a little dizzy. Wang Ye and Princess can call me Xiaoxi. The two of them felt dizzy. You can call me Xiao Bei. North Hanyu actually opened his mouth and said that the two of them felt that the end of the world was coming, and they fainted together. The other three immediately supported the two men and looked at Beihanyu like a monster. Xi Yin is stunned, the four of them are too ruthless, the two kind-hearted old people scared like this, early know so, she should not be soft-hearted, directly refused to say that she is not the princess, I do not know if she indirectly hurt them? Hey! The heart has begun to understand, see them so please her body of parents, may really like her, but she really dare not face emotional things. Seeing that they nervously called the imperial doctor to cure the two kind-hearted old people, she took time to call Yun Haozhe out. She told her that she was not the princess, because she didn't want to hurt the two old people, so she pretended to be. She knew that Yun Haozhe must have an unusual relationship with the owner of this body, and she did not want to know, but wished that he would not mistake her for her and pester him. Yun Haozhe believed it after her constant explanation and some modern remarks. She can't be such a bold, thoughtful, talented and arrogant woman, but why do they look so much alike? Is God going to punish him? Yun Hao Zhe's starry eyes seem to have fog. Because she looked like a fairy and was known by her father, she wanted to use her to please the East Evil Kingdom. But as a prince, he could do nothing. He liked her but had no ability to do anything for her. When he learned about it, he jumped off a cliff and committed suicide. That day, she had just reached the pole. But the strange thing is that even the body can't be found. It seems that God wants to punish him. Xi Yin looked at such a cloud Haozhe and walked away silently. Qingzhuolou "Hey!"! Sister Feixian! This is our last performance on the stage. Xi Yin was so angry and powerless that she couldn't bear to come here. But everyone forced her not to be a caretaker, and even after a threatening situation,x56 line pipe, she had to agree. Anyway, her robber brothers are taken care of, and she doesn't have to worry about it. It's good.

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