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For a long time, there was no sound. And the two green and yellow fairy spirits became smaller and smaller until they completely disappeared at the end of the fairy rope. It finally worked! One hundred and fifty levels can be similar to the cultivation of the Jade Emperor! The tired, panting sound of the clock rang again, followed by a tinkling sound, and all the artifacts, together with the fairy rope, fell to the ground. The eyes of all the artifacts turned to the light wrapped around the rabbit. When the light group dispersed, the rabbit jumped out of me, stretched out his hands and yawned, lazily said: "Give me the spirit point!"! We are about to fly to the fairy world! Now my strength has far exceeded the basic conditions needed to ascend to the fairy world, a trace of vigilance in my heart tells me that the immortal robbery that must be passed when the immortal ascends will soon come to serve me! The wind and clouds surged in the sky, and countless dark clouds rushed desperately from all directions as if they didn't want money. The whole earth was silent under the pressure of the strong power. All the plants dared not move, and all the animals hid in their nests, looking at the sky outside with a pair of frightened eyes. Boss, we're bored. Do you know how hard it is to control the input speed of such a huge aura? We almost lost control and let the air mass explode you! Say that finish, Li Mei Zhong's whole body anger suddenly rose again: "Brothers,touch screen kiosk, cheer up!"! Our boss is going to rise through the sky! Chapter 137 Heavenly Plunder. All the artifacts were in high spirits and shouted, "Yes!"! The eldest brother But there is no artifact that can stand up and protect me. Seeing that the plunder clouds were already flying to the top of the head, it was so dark that it could not be seen to the end, and there was even a strong wind that blew up the gravel around it violently, and it hurt on my face. At this moment, my game level is far beyond the minimum requirements for the rise of immortals,facial recognization camera, and the actual cultivation, because I have just absorbed the part of the cultivation left after the death of the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother, I have no strength at all. And how can you know that in this rumor, every cultivator talks about the cloud of plunder that turns pale in front of my huge cultivation, in fact, it is nothing! "What to do?"? This thunder is going to kill people! Rabbit, I am anxious to turn around in the same place, but there is no way. No wonder I am so flustered. From the beginning to the end, no human cultivator has ever been able to tell me how to spend the disaster. What hardware and software needs to be prepared. The clouds in the sky, no matter whether I am turning or reversing below, are still coming, outdoor digital signage displays ,interactive whiteboard prices, and the sound is getting louder and louder, almost deafening my ears. Boss, hold yuan Shouyi, give us some spiritual power, so that we can resist the coming of this great disaster for you! There was a sudden whistle from the bell, and a group of artifacts rushed at me like flies seeing delicious food. Whoo, my body has just risen, the bowl is full of overflowing cultivation, and immediately returned to normal state under the diversion effect of these sub-artifacts. However, the feeling that the meridians of the whole body were full disappeared, and I only felt comfortable, which was unprecedented, just like the feeling when I woke up after a good sleep in the afternoon on a hot day. After all the artifacts were moistened by Zhenyuan in my body, they immediately became vigorous and vigorous. They flew into the air one after another and commented on the huge cloud of plunder above my head. Boss, look at this broken cloud, it seems that it is not as big as the gas that our boss put out when he went out! "Perhaps the psychic Baoyu has been with Li Mei Zhong for too long, and he has become more obscene than all the artifacts." Uh. It is indeed. The clock shook its head and flew around in the sky. At this time, it did not look like a leader at all. Instead of helping me to disturb the cloud, it flew farther and farther, and disappeared with the mountain comb and the Kunlun mirror. Boss Rabbit, please do something quickly. Otherwise this plunder cloud comes down, but very fierce! Half of the practitioners who are going to rise in this world are dying on this cloud of plunder, I think. Pan Gu's coat did not fly far, but around me constantly flying back and forth, it seems that there is really a bit of a mind to protect the Lord. And the trousers were of the same mind, but they seemed to be more shy than any artifact and refused to say a word. The eldest brother! Heavenly plunder is coming! As Li Mei Zhong seemed to be chased by a ghost, he jumped back with three steps and two steps. The voice of its broken Gong came over. At the same time, there was also the rumbling sound of plundering clouds in the sky. Shake through the world. The sound made people jumpy. I know! My voice trembled with a trace of lack of confidence. I know. I'm already scared. In fact. No one can face the unknown without fear. I used to be human. So. I'm scared now, too. The eldest brother. Let's take a look at our land! Except for the last and most powerful disaster, you need to fight it in person. The rest of the thunder is covered by our brothers! Li Mei Zhong laughed. I don't know what the hell it's doing. Other artifacts, however, understand it. They flew to the sky in all directions. It seems that something has been set up. But these artifacts did not rely on any vegetation and rocks. And what is used to deploy? Just when I was so confused that I looked up at the sky. But they formed a circle. Then I waited quietly for the thunder to fall. A strange glow emanates from their bodies. Shining with a faint light. The light is very magical. With the passage of time, it has been expanding and becoming stronger. Gradually, it turned into a huge tower-shaped light pillar. Put me in it. It's done! All the artifacts suddenly shouted in unison when they were extremely quiet, and the collective cheers startled me, who was extremely nervous,face recognition identification kiosk, and even when their nervous mood was interrupted by them, it was much more stable. Whoa! The thunder of the first wave of disaster finally sounded. Extremely thick lightning split the head of my vicious split down. In a flash of time, it has reached the position laid by the artifacts.

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