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Ken Robichaud | October 16th, 2011 | LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, LEGO Star Wars, Sales News

[USA] TRU Bricktober Week 3 Brings Free Battlepacks

The Toys R Us Bricktober event rolls onward with the Retro Knight Minifigure Magnet available with any $20 LEGO purchase and they’ve discounted a few choice sets with at least two worth checking out:

Free glued magnet, a couple of discounted sets and free shipping on orders over $75 not enough for you? My, how jaded you’ve become. How about a free Star Wars Battle pack when you spend a scant $40? So drop your cash and take your pick. Selection may vary in store.

Thanks to ufjason for the heads up!

Ace Kim | October 13th, 2011 | LEGO Cars, News

Toys’R’Us News

LEGO Cars 2 Toys'R'Us Building Event

I have two items of news regarding Toys’R’Us.

First up, if you haven’t heard by now, TRU is celebrating Bricktober all month long featuring a different deal every week. In addition to the current offerings of a free Rob N. Hood minifigure magnet with a LEGO construction purchase of $20 or more and the free Ninjago Battle Arena with a LEGO construction purchase of $50 or more, Toys’R’Us brick and mortar stores will be celebrating LEGO Cars 2 by hosting a building event this Saturday October 15 from 2pm to 4pm where kids “can build and decorate their own version of Rod ‘Torque’ Redline.” I’m not entirely sure what building and decorating their own version exactly means. Is it an official promo set? Do they just mash bricks together from a basic assortment of parts? Eh who knows. I’ll be there with daughter in tow to see exactly what the deal is.


Secondly, in a stroke of the unexpected, TRU’s affiliate program extended an offer for FBTB to become an affiliate again, and we’ve accepted. So, we’ve added the button back to the left sidebar and, as usual, will still be reporting sales and deals like before. Thank you, TRU!

Gabe | October 1st, 2011 | LEGO, Sales News

[USA] Toys’R’Us Bricktober from October 2 – 8

Gabe | September 24th, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars, Sales News

[USA] 30055 LEGO Star Wars Vulture Droid Available at Toys’R’Us currently has the 30055 Lego Star Wars Vulture Droid for $4.99.  It seems it is part of the B2G1 Free promotion that ends today even though that it is supposed to exclude Star Wars.

Gabe | September 17th, 2011 | LEGO, Sales News

[USA] Toys’R’Us B2G1 Free 9/18 – 9/24

Toys’R’Us will be having B2G1 Free on all LEGO construction sets and games from September 18 – 24.  Excludes Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Also, from Sept 16 – Oct 8 you can get a Free 2856134 Ninjago Shrine when you buy one of the following sets:

-LEGO Star Wars At-At Walker (8129)

-LEGO Star Wars Battle of Endor (8038)

-LEGO Star Wars Hoth Echo Base (7879)

-LEGO Disney Pixar Cars 2 Tokyo International Circuit (8679)

-LEGO Ninjago Lightning Dragon Battle (2521)

-LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Fighter (6212)

-LEGO Star Wars Battle for Geonosis (7869)

-LEGO Belville Horse Stable (7585)

-LEGO Ninjago Skeleton Bowling (2519)

-LEGO City Police Helicopter (3658)

-LEGO Star Wars Republic Swamp Speeder (8091)

-LEGO Duplo Stone Quarry (5653)

-LEGO Duplo Disney Pixar Cars 2  World Grand Prix (5839)

-LEGO Duplo Disney Pixar Cars 2 Tokyo Racing (5819)


Ace Kim | July 10th, 2011 | LEGO Toy Story, Sales News

Toys’R’Us BOGO 50% Sale On Select Themes

Starting today through Saturday July 16th, Toys’R’Us is offering a BOGO 50% discount on LEGO City, Ninjago, and Toy Story sets. Offer is good in-store and online. If your online order is $49 or more, you’ll score free shipping.

If you’re lucky, you should be able to score some of the newest releases and store exclusives, such as 2521 Lightning Dragon Battle and 7848 Toys’R’Us Truck, the latter of which is not even available through Shop@Home.

Ace Kim | June 27th, 2011 | LEGO Cars, Sales News

How To Save 40% On LEGO Cars Sets

Right now, Toys’R’Us stores are having two promotions that stack with each other netting you a total 40% discount on LEGO Cars sets.

Promotion 1: BOGO 50% on all LEGO sans Star Wars, POTC, or Alien Conquest. But it works on Cars sets.

Promotion 2: All Cars construction sets are 20% off.

Now you’re probably thinking, “what about the TRU markup?” Last I checked, which was this morning at 11:00am, there is no mark up except for their exclusive set, 8679 Tokyo International Circuit, and that markup is only in store. It’s priced at $98.99 instead of MSRP of $89.99. Online, the price is $89.99 before discount. And you get free shipping if your order is over $100. Still, all other sets are at MSRP. To maximize the discount, you’ll have to get two of the same priced sets.

Example: 8487 Flo’s V8 Cafe is regularly $59.99. With the Cars promotion, the set drops down to $47.99 Getting two sets with BOGO, your total is $71.98 before tax. $120 worth of sets for $72 bucks is 40% off. Not too shabby.

They’re also running another promotion where if you spend more than $25 on Cars 2 toys you get their exclusive metallic Lightning McQueen toy, pictured below:

Both promotions end this Friday, July 2.

Ace Kim | June 24th, 2011 | LEGO, Sales News

TRU’s Buy 2 Get 3rd 90% Off Sale

Right now, TRU is having a Buy 2 Get 3rd 90% off sale on all LEGO, no restrictions. That’s roughly 30% off depending on if the sets you buy have mark up and assuming you buy 3 similarly priced items. Not sure when this promotion started or when it ends because their online site doesn’t say squat. But I’m gonna guess it started today and ends Sunday. Will update if I get confirmation Saturday. Online prices seem to be MSRP on the few sets I checked out. In store, prices will more than likely have the infamous mark up. If you order online, you get free shipping.

Update: JamesBenjamin from the forum reports that it’s good today and tomorrow, Saturday.

Thanks to Billy for writing it in.

Ace Kim | June 14th, 2011 | LEGO, Sales News

TRU BOGO 50% 4 Day Sale

TRU Sale

TRU online and in store is having a BOGO 50% off sale for the next 4 days, June 15 through June 18. Free shipping applies to orders $100 or more. Also, there’s an in-store offer of a free LEGO Creator 30022 MINI Lighthouse set with your LEGO purchase of $30 or more.

The ad, shown above, has an asterisk next to the text so some restrictions may apply, but it is not detailed on the online version of the ad. So far, the BOGO discount applies to LEGO Star Wars items as well. Just be aware of the TRU’s markup over MSRP as that will cut into any potential savings. Still, aside from the Death Star Set, the rest of the big guns are showing up as in stock such as 10215 Obi-wan’s Jedi Starfighter, 10198 Tantive IV, and 10212 Imperial Shuttle.

It’s a shame we’re no longer part of their affiliate program.

Ace Kim | December 21st, 2010 | LEGO, Sales News

Toys’R’Us 50% Sale, BOGO 50% Sale

Toys R Us

TRU has a few sales going on starting Today 12/21 through tomorrow Wednesday 12/22.

A number of items have been put on the 50% block: some LEGO Racers, impulse sets, and Bionicle. Full list below:

Some of the items above had the BOGO 50% offer attached, but after refreshing the pages a few times, some of the offers disappeared. Your mileage may vary.

Now for the BOGO deal. Currently, TRU is offering a BOGO 50% off all LEGO CIty themed sets the whole week. In addition to that, forum member ufjason linked us to this coupon/flyer that states ALL LEGO is on BOGO 50% off sale today 12/21 and tomorrow Wednesday 12/22. So I hit up the TRU site and verified that yes, indeed, ALL LEGO is on sale including Star Wars. The only exception mentioned was the new Pharaoh’s Quest line. If you’re willing to brave the crowds, you may score a nice early discount on the 2011 assortment.

If you buy online, today is the last day to order using standard shipping and still get it in time for Christmas.

I say this with every TRU news post during the run up to Christmas: please be wary of any potential additional markup that TRU may impose. If their pricing behavior from last year was any indication this would be the time where they mark up prices way up to highway robbery levels.

All that being said, you should know that TRU is now in marathon mode, that is, they are open 24 hours starting today through Christmas Eve.

Good luck!