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Ace Kim | February 6th, 2012 | Events, LEGO

Toy Fair Invitations

Toy Fair Badges

I just received FBTB’s official Toy Fair invitations which doubles as our badges which triples as a teaser for our exclusive minifigs. The wording makes me believe, however, that our “exclusive” minifigs will later be available to the general public through a normal set since the tag line says, “be the first to receive two 2012 LEGO minifigures!”. No idea if there will be any other premiums but we’ll keep you posted.

Don “Solo” Reitz and I will be attending the collector event this Sunday February 12th. Watch this space and our flickr stream for our full event coverage.

Ace Kim | February 15th, 2011 | LEGO, News

LEGO Toy Fair Coverage Wrapped Up

LEGO Toy Fair 2011 - Lightning McQueen Statue Unveiling - 36

We finally finished uploading the rest of the sets from our Toy Fair coverage what seems like a mere few hours ago. Many thanks go to Ryan and Anonymous Tipster for staying up late to clean up a few of the miscategorized videos, duplicate pictures, etc. Despite those minor issues, our coverage is now complete. Each picture below links you to the collection for that theme, and each collection has all the sets for that theme. I’m also including everything that was posted yesterday for easy navigation. And finally, there’s a set for LEGO Licensing to give you a sneak peek at the upcoming licensing line including books, bins, and storage media. Enjoy!

Star Wars

LEGO Toy Fair 2011 - Star Wars - 7965 Millennium Falcon - 02

Pirates of the Caribbean

LEGO Toy Fair 2011 - Pirates of the Caribbean - 4195 Queen Anne's Revenge - 02

Harry Potter

LEGO Toy Fair 2011 - Harry Potter - 4866 The Knight Bus - 03


LEGO Toy Fair 2011 - Cars - 8484 Ultimate Build Lightning Mcqueen - 3

Alien Conquest

LEGO Toy Fair 2011 - Alien Conquest - 7065 Alien Mothership - 2


LEGO Toy Fair 2011 - Ninjago - 2509 Earth Dragon Defense - 2


LEGO Toy Fair 2011 - Atlantis - 7985 City of Atlantis - 02


LEGO Toy Fair 2011 - Creator - 5770 Lightouse Island - 02


LEGO Toy Fair 2011 - City - 3367 Space Shuttle - 2

Hero Factory

LEGO Toy Fair 2011 - Hero Factory - 2283 Witch Doctor - 2


LEGO Toy Fair 2011 - Technic - 8071 Lift Truck - 2


LEGO Toy Fair 2011 - Duplo - 5947 Winnie's House - 03


LEGO Toy Fair 2011 - LEGO Licensing - 21

A few notes:

  • For LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, the Black Pearl set was missing from the show floor and there was no picture of it in the catalog. It’s not scheduled for release until November, so there might be a reveal at San Diego Comic Con if not through some sort of MTV posting.
  • For LEGO Star Wars, the advent calendar was also pulled from the floor with the intent of a big reveal at San Diego Comic Con
  • For LEGO Cars, the sets designed around the movie Cars 2 were pulled, just like last year with Toy Story 3 sets. And the wall for Cars 2 Duplo sets was also blank.
  • For Harry Potter, there’s still some debate whether or not The Forbidden Tree Forest set has a Bellatrix minifigure or not.

The biggest let down? Pricing. It seems that the pricing per piece ratio is getting worse and worse and the trend is spreading beyond Star Wars into other non-licensed themes, namely City.

The biggest surprise? The minifig cases shown at the LEGO Licensing booth. I hope to get some more information and materials about those in the next few weeks.

The one set I personally am looking forward to is 7962 Anakin’s and Sebulba’s Podracers set. The clear Technic bricks were a huge surprise and the redesigns of the two podracers are just gorgeous, especially Sebulba’s. The price for the set is very reasonable by today’s standards. All in all, it’s the clear winner for the August LEGO Star Wars lineup.

Ryan "chief" Wood | February 13th, 2011 | LEGO, News

Toy Fair 2011: The Story So Far…

It’s been a full couple of days here in NYC for me and Ace as we’ve been making the Toy Fair rounds. On Saturday we attended Hasbro’s special presentation where we saw upcoming products for Marvel, Transformers, GI Joe, and of course Kre-O, Hasbro’s new construction building toy line. More on that later.

The main event for us was Lego’s Collector’s Event before the Toy Fair doors opened today. Ace and I woke up at the buttcrack of dawn to get there on time before the 7 am door opening to bring you the very best coverage of upcoming Lego product, covering Lego original themes and licensed lines.

Here’s what we’ve got for you so far:

LEGO Toy Fair 2011 - Atlantis - 7985 City of Atlantis - 07

City (with the Harbor and Space subthemes:)
LEGO Toy Fair 2011 - City - 3368 Space Center - 01

LEGO Toy Fair 2011 - Creator - 5770 Lightouse Island - 02

Duplo (including Winnie the Pooh and Cars:)
LEGO Toy Fair 2011 - Duplo - 5947 Winnie's House - 01

Hero Factory:
LEGO Toy Fair 2011 - Hero Factory - 2283 Witch Doctor - 1

LEGO Toy Fair 2011 - Technic - 8071 Lift Truck - 2

Much more still to come including Ninjago, Alien Conquest, and the ever-important Star Wars! Keep checking the Flickr page here as we continue to update!

Ace Kim | February 11th, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars, News

Toy Fair This Sunday!

LEGO 2011 Collectors Party

In a few hours, I’ll be boarding a plane with fellow Bothan Ryan Wood and headed out to New York, NY to attend Toy Fair. Keep your eyes peeled on this page for updates or dial your browser to FBTB’s flickr account right here. By my approximation, we’ll begin uploading somewhere around 12 noon EST on Sunday February 13. Excited? I know I am. What are you looking forward to the most? Leave a message in the forum thread!

Ace Kim | February 2nd, 2011 | LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, News

Life-sized LEGO Jack Sparrow Model – Updated

The excitement for Toy Fair is palpable as the event draws near. And as customary with the event, LEGO prepared the above sculpture, built by Erik Varszegi, to debut alongside Pirates of the Caribbean sets. Kind of a big tease since the photo’s small, but I’ll be sure to get some better pics.

via People

Update: There’s a ton of more larger images over at Stitch Kingdom’s article. Thanks to Ryan for the tip.

Ace Kim | December 20th, 2010 | LEGO, News

Toy Fair 2011 LEGO Collector Party Invitation

LEGO 2011 Collectors Party

Come February, Ryan and I will be attending 2011 New York Toy Fair.

I thought I’d have more to write, but apparently not.

Ace Kim | February 15th, 2010 | News

2010 LEGO Toy Fair Coverage Complete

I’ve finally finished organizing the LEGO Toy Fair 2010 coverage page. Links are organized by theme, then by set. You can also view the collection page at flickr for the same effect.

There are tons of cool things to see, but honestly, one of my favorites has got to be this little guy:

LEGO Toy Fair 2010 - Space Police - 5984 Lunar Limo - 5
Ace Kim | February 14th, 2010 | News

Toy Fair 2010

The FBTB flickr account is being injected with my photos from the Collector’s Event this morning. I’ll be creating a Features page to make it easier to navigate once the upload is done. In the meantime, you can dial your browser to the stream to see uploads as they go. I apologize, but the hotel wifi isn’t the fastest. I miss my home connection.

And in case you missed it, there were two premiums in the goodie bag this year. One was a Buzz Lightyear Cube Dude, designed by none other than Angus MacLane himself, signed and numbered, natch:

2010 LEGO Toy Fair Premium Cube Dude Buzz Lightyear - 2010 LEGO Toy Fair Premium

And the other was an all-white Boba Fett minifig:

White Boba Fett
Ace Kim | December 10th, 2009 | News

2010 LEGO Toy Fair Invitation

LEGO Toy Fair 2010 Invitation

FBTB will be in attendance of the 2010 Toy Fair and will report back with images and possibly video like we do every year. I’ve already set up the Toy Fair 2010 page if you care to add another bookmark.

Ace Kim | February 13th, 2009 | News

New Sets: 7778 Millennium Falcon and 7753 Pirate Tank

If small grainy box art images are your thing, then you might want to take a peek at this thread:

7778 Mid-Scale Falcon & 7753 Pirate Tank (pics).

You may be asking yourself if we’ve forgotten our own RtB policy. We haven’t. We are just loosening the guidelines a little by which we will operate under.

I can only hope that these sets will be at Toy Fair on Sunday. That Falcon looks tasty.