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Ace Kim | December 24th, 2012 | LEGO, Sales News

The No-Brainer Last Minute Gift Idea


Amazon Gift Cards! Like, duh. Was there anything else I could have possibly suggested? I suppose you could hit up a big box store and deal with parking, the crowds, the long lines, but is it seriously worth your time? I ended up having to go to Toys’R’Us yesterday to pick up some diapers (and space marines *cough*). I consider myself lucky that I was in and out in 45 minutes from the time I entered the lot to the time I left. 45 minutes. For diapers.

Amazon has a variety of delivery methods for their gift cards: Facebook, email, even print and color your own. With crayons! And the gift card recipient can turn around use that gift card to preorder the newest LEGO sets or whatever else catches their fancy.

Do I love Amazon? Yes I do, I link to them a lot. And I was totally ready to write up this whole other paragraph about how LEGO Shop@Home Gift Cards would just as nice of a last-minute gift idea, but their site only lists physical gift cards even though their ‘Redeem Gift Card‘ page alludes to the existence of an e-gift card. Confusion abounds! Maybe they exist in another country.

Oh well. Hit up Amazon and you can call it a night.

Ace Kim | December 12th, 2012 | LEGO, Sales News

LEGO Shop@Home Offers Free Shipping on Orders $49 or More

LEGO Shop@Home Free Shipping

LEGO Shop@Home is offering free standard shipping on all orders $49 or more, just in time for Christmas. There doesn’t seem to be an end date listed on this page, but since the deadline to ship in time for the big day is December 18th, I’m guessing that would be it. Just add products to your cart and once your order reaches $49 or more, free shipping will automatically be applied. No coupon required.

Remember this post? I did. I was waiting for the 17th to come around and was planning on ordering some TMNT sets on that day to qualify for free shipping in time for Christmas. But I just checked some of the product pages and alas, the availability date has changed to December 19th, just missing the Christmas deadline. The only options at this point are to pay for expedited shipping through Shop@Home, hope that free shipping is still an option on the 19th and get the sets late, hope that Shop@Home gets their inventory earlier than expected, or brave the crowds and hope to run into them on the shelf at a Walmart or Target (since finding them at TRU at MSRP is never going to happen especially at this time of year). Lots of hoping going on but hey, it’s Christmas! The time for miracles is upon us!

Thanks to Jason for writing it in.

Ace Kim | November 30th, 2012 | LEGO, Sales News

LEGO Shop@Home Sells Galaxy Squad

Looking for something new and different to put under the tree? If The Hobbit sets aren’t doing it for you, Shop@Home just put up the entire Galaxy Squad collection at a variety of price points on their site. You’ll still get free shipping on orders $99 or more for delivery in time for Christmas. Full list below:

Galaxy Squad

Thanks to ninnymuggins for the heads up.

Ace Kim | November 12th, 2012 | LEGO, Sales News

Shop@Home Debuts Retiring Soon Page

LEGO Shop@Home has debuted a ‘Retiring Soon‘ to inform customers of sets that are, like the page says, retiring soon. I’m sure we’ve all had that feeling where you’re browsing their site and see the dreaded words “Sold Out” or “Call to check product availability” under set names. Well this page will help make it easier to know when a set is approaching the end of their lifecycle.

Currently, there is one set in particular on that page that is worth mentioning and that is 10193 Medieval Market Village. It is a fantastic set with tons of play features and can fit into just about any Castle-themed setting. At $99 for 1,619 pieces, you get your money’s worth and then some. Amazon has this set for 10% off at $89.86, but buy it from Shop@Home and get free shipping AND VIP points while you’re at it.

Thanks again to ufjason for the heads up.

Ace Kim | September 30th, 2012 | LEGO, Sales News

LEGO Shop@Home October Promotions

TC-14 B-wing Promotion

A new month, a new set of promotions. October is chock full of Shop@Home goodies to whet your spending appetite:

  • First up is the return of TC-14! If you missed out on him a while ago, now’s your chance to get him for free! Just buy the latest UCS set, 10227 B-wing Starfighter, and TC-14 will be automatically added to your cart for free! We reviewed the set recently and also posted a time lapse video of the build for your reading and viewing pleasure. Offer is valid from Oct 1 through Oct 31 or while supplies last
  • You’ll also get a free reusable tote bag with any DUPLO purchase. Offer valid from Oct 1 through Oct 31.
  • Free shipping may have ended but it’s coming back. You’ll get free shipping on all orders $99 or more from Oct 15 through Oct 31.
  • And if those deals weren’t enough, October is also double VIP points month! You’ll get double VIP points all month long.

If you have patience, you should order the 10227 B-wing Starfighter on Oct 15 so you can score free shipping and the free TC-14 minifigure. You run the risk of Shop@Home running out of the figure, though. Only you can prevent forest fires make that decision.

And finally, 10229 Winter Village Cottage is now available.

Click through our portal link to begin your shopping spree. Your future overlords will thank you.

Ace Kim | September 1st, 2012 | LEGO, LEGO Architecture, Sales News

LEGO Shop@Home September Promotions, New Products

Monster Fighters GWP

September sees a host of new products and offers from LEGO Shop@Home. Let me break it down for you:

Free Shipping: Spend $75 or more and receive free standard shipping until September 21st.

Free Zombie Car: Spend $75 or more and receive the above pictured Monster Fighters set. Offer good until September 30 or while supplies last.

10228 Haunted House now available: The cost is $179.99 but you’ll get free shipping and the free Zombie car set. It’s like killing three birds with one stone.

New Architecture set – 21014 Villa Savoye: You know, the last few Architecture sets have really been not sucky, you know? Not sucky as in not as bad as the first few sets. There really seems to have been a turn in the quality right around 21010 Robie House or even 21009 Farnsworth House before it. The latest entry celebrates Villa Savoye, located outside of Paris, France. Villa Savoye was built in 1931 by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret and serves as a classic example of the modern movement in architectural design. You can pick yours up today for $69.99 and get 660 pieces delivered to your door.

10212 Imperial Shuttle returns to Shop@Home: This may be your last chance to pick up the UCS Shuttle for retail. It disappeared from Shop@Home for a while but has come back. Otherwise, it’s pretty much gone from the supply chain though Target seems to still have some for sale. But unlike Target, you’ll get VIP points and the free Monster Fighters set.

Click through our banner or hit this link to start shopping through FBTB’s landing page!

Ace Kim | July 23rd, 2012 | LEGO CUUSOO, Sales News

21101 Hayabusa Now Available At LEGO Shop@Home

LEGO CUUSOO of Japan’s second official release is now available stateside! 21101 Hayabusa will cost you $49.99 space bucks. Like all of CUUSOO’s releases, this is a limited edition product. Get yours before they sell out.

Ace Kim | June 9th, 2012 | LEGO, News

Official Announcement: 10228 Haunted House


Unofficially teased back in mid-February, today sees the official announcement of LEGO Shop@Home’s latest exclusive, 10228 Haunted House at the 20th anniversary of the Mall of America. An addition to the Monster Hunters line, the Haunted House weighs in at 2,064 pieces and will set you back $179.99 when it’s released in September of this year, just in time for Halloween. For those of you keeping track, that’s 63 pieces less than 10225 R2-D2 at the same price point. The little droid all of sudden doesn’t seem like such a bad deal anymore. Anyways, hit the jump for more pics, the video, then the official press release at the end.


Ace Kim | May 3rd, 2012 | LEGO Star Wars, Sales News

Clarification: Early 10225 R2-D2 Orders

Good afternoon, Fubby-Tubbers! I just got an email from LEGO Shop@Home regarding early adopters of 10225 R2-D2:

“Knowing that 10225 – R2-D2™ is brand new product and part of the LEGO® Star Wars™ line there was a concern that the May 1st launch date (unchangeable) could potentially leave a number of consumers purchased the set during the 3 day gap prior to the May the 4th promotion to later be disappointed they had missed the upcoming offers. In an effort to alleviate this customer dissatisfaction, LEGO Shop set up all purchases of 10225 – R2-D2™ to receive the May the 4th offers early. No other purchases will receive the offers prior to May 4th.”

So there you go. Now, please put away your angry eyes and your pitchforks and torches. Hopefully this will alleviate the confusion.

Ace Kim | December 25th, 2011 | LEGO, Sales News

LEGO Shop@Home End of Year Clearance Sale

FREE LEGO Ninjago Booster Pack with any LEGO Shop Purchase of $75 or more. Valid 12.26.11 - 1.31.12

It’s the 26th on the east coast, so it’s safe to post this now.

Numeric values shown are dollar discounts off MSRP. I can’t stress that enough.

LEGO Shop@Home sent over a list of all the items that are discounted for their end of year clearance. Numeric values shown are dollar discounts off MSRP. I can’t stress that enough. The list makes no distinction of what was available or unavailable before the sale started so you may see some items that have been long gone appear below. Prices are good online and in-store so you may get luckier at your local LEGO Brand Retail store. For your convenience, I’ve organized the list according to theme and tried linking directly to the product.

I apologize in advance if the sale prices aren’t as exciting as you were hoping. I didn’t make the sale; I just report on them.