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Allen "Tohst" Carley | September 25th, 2012 | DC Universe, LEGO Super Heroes, Marvel Comics, News

The Story Behind The Story: Mech Madness Prologue

Secret Crisis - Day 1

Good evening and welcome to From Bricks To Backtalk where we sit down with members of the community and talk about today’s issues. I’m your host Allen “Tohst” Carley and today we’re speaking with FBTB writers Ace “onions” Kim and Ken “buriedbybricks” Robichaud. Their latest massive building contest, dubbed Mech Madness, launched a few weeks ago and today they offer an inside peek on the origins of the building tournament and the Secret Crisis story behind it.


Ace Kim | September 4th, 2012 | Contests, DC Universe, LEGO Super Heroes, Marvel Comics

FBTB Mech Madness 2012 Building Tournament – Secret Crisis


The past four days of Secret Crisis posts has laid down the foundation for this year’s building tournament. Secret Crisis is the setting and the motivation for Earth’s mightiest heroes and villains to compete for the ultimate power in the universe. Your job is to choose a side, pick a hero or villain, and build a mech consisting of an enclosed cockpit and at minimum two legs. The rest is up to you.


Ken Robichaud | September 3rd, 2012 | DC Universe, LEGO Super Heroes, Marvel Comics, News

Secret Crisis – Day 4

Secret Crisis - Day 4

AT Stark Tower in New York, Iron Man is working with the Blue Beetle, Ant Man, Cyborg and Forge to finish vital upgrades to his armor in preparation for a second expedition to the deadly object heading for Earth. Based on the previous attempt’s failure, Tony Stark and Ted Kord believe technology to be the planets only hope.


Ken Robichaud | September 2nd, 2012 | DC Universe, LEGO Super Heroes, Marvel Comics

Secret Crisis – Day 3

Secret Crisis - Day 3

JUST outside of sector 2814, Superman and the Silver Surfer are flying into deep space to search for the object. Their task is to make contact and attempt to analyze it, assessing the potential threat. Chosen for their strengths, the duo have already pushed themselves to reach the object quickly and are already feeling its effects as they approach it.


Ken Robichaud | September 1st, 2012 | DC Universe, LEGO Super Heroes, Marvel Comics, News

Secret Crisis – Day 2

image courtesy of DCAU Wiki

ON board the Watchtower in orbit far above the Earth, the Martian Manhunter is working to coordinate the efforts of the planet’s heroes. Using the station’s main viewscreen, he is able to communicate with a great number of heroes and teams to disseminate information more quickly. Time is not on their side.


Ken Robichaud | August 31st, 2012 | DC Universe, LEGO Super Heroes, Marvel Comics, News

Secret Crisis – Day 1

Secret Crisis - Day One

SOMEWHERE in the deep reaches of space a mysterious object is hurtling through the stars. It emits a glow so bright its true form is obscured by its own radiance and appears as an orb of pure light. Even in the vast expanse of the cosmos it does not go unnoticed and its course is being watched from all directions.