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Ryan "chief" Wood | April 4th, 2009 | News

Rock Monster Photo Contest: Winner!

Our Photo Contest challenge the other day was for members to shoot their best impersonation of a Rock Monster. The entries were posted here on the forum, and the judges have deliberated.

Without further adieu:

Meeotch takes the prize!

Even if my stated bias in the contest announcement had been taken out of the equation, the judges unanimously still would have awarded Meeotch the win for his accuracy to the original image and moxie to actually pull it off with such flair. I mean seriously, a tricycle? Well played, you little rock monster, you.

Ryan "chief" Wood | April 1st, 2009 | News

Photo Contest: Rock Monster Impersonation

Now that you’ve found out which Rock Monster you are, we want to see your best impersonation! Announcing a new contest: the Rock Monster Impersonation photo contest!

Simply post a picture of yourself making your best “rock monster” face here on the forum. All entries must be in by midnight PST. A first place winner will be announced after a short deliberation period by a panel of staff judges; the winner will receive a copy of 8958 Granite Grinder.

Hurting for inspiration? Not quite sure what a Rock Monster looks like? Check out these wallpapers, or watch the videos here, all on the official Lego Power Miners site!

…And I shouldn’t say this here, but I will heavily favor whoever best recreates this shot here.

Ryan "chief" Wood | April 1st, 2009 | News

Which Rock Monster are You?

The official Power Miners website has a Funzone where you can do neat things like take quizzes to learn fascinating results to such questions as “Which Accessory are You?”, “Which Power Miner are You?” and our favorite, “Which Rock Monster are You?”

Take the quiz to get your result, then vote in our forum poll to let us know who YOU are!

Staff results-

  • Ace: Sulfurix
  • Ryan: Glaciator
  • Don: Boulderax
  • Collin: Glaciator
  • Nick: Meltrox