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Ryan "chief" Wood | February 19th, 2009 | Reviews

Review: 7678 Droid Gunship

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When I first heard there was going to be a Separatist gunship in Episode 3 during the battle of Kashyyyk, I remember thinking “Ha! Droid gunship? No way that could take on a Republic gunship!” I didn’t think the Separatists could come up with anything that could top the Republic Attack Gunship for sheer firepower and awesome. Then I saw the movie, *briefly* glimpsed the droid gunship in it, and thought nothing more of it. Its role was so small, and we didn’t get to see the inner workings of it like we did the RAG. Simply put, I didn’t know *what* to think of it anymore. “Meh” would be a fitting description.

Putting this set together, I thought back to those first impressions. Were they right?


Ryan "chief" Wood | February 10th, 2009 | Reviews

Review: 7679 Republic Fighter Tank

Tank Overall

I’ll preface this review by saying there are not many vehicle designs from the Prequels or Clone Wars that I like. It’s not that I’m biased against anything prequel-related; it’s just that generally I don’t find the designs very inspired.

That said, the TX-130 fighter tank that the Republic Fighter Tank set is based on is one of my favorite designs from the prequel era of Star Wars. From it’s first appearance in the Clone Wars video game, to Battlefront, the fighter tank is a solid good guy vessel for ground warfare. Bristling with cannons, turrets, missiles and more, the Republic’s clones are in possession of a death-dealing machine that has the droids shaking in their racks. I loved the design so much that in 2004 it served as the inspiration for my own 3vil Hovertank.

So now you know where my bias lies. I love the fighter tank design, so I had high hopes for the Lego rendition. Did it live up to my expectations?