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Ken Robichaud | March 11th, 2013 | LEGO Star Wars, MOC Spotlight

An Elegant Weapon For A More Civilized Age

LEGO Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber

Another Monday, another metric tonne of neat stuff to post. It’s hard to resist the urge to spam everyone into oblivion, but some things are just to good to resist. This replica of Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber by the always busy (where do you people find all this time to build??) Bruce Lowell comes complete with a full blade comprised of 300+ 3×3 dishes. Well played Bruce! When I was building 1:1 scale lightsabers a couple years ago, I tested out the 2×4 half cylanders topped with a 4×4 dome and it worked pretty well. Well enough that I purchased enough in trans-blue (the pic I have of the expperiment was a fugly rainbow) and played around with the idea of running a rope light through it, but the purist in me won out again. This dish technique gives the edge a fuzzy look that really adds something in pictures. Bet it wasn’t cheap though.

Ace Kim | December 10th, 2010 | LEGO Star Wars, News

LifeLites Debuts Lighted Lightsaber

Rob over at LifeLites Microlighting Products has created a new accessory seen above: a lit lightsaber. This is different than the light up lightsaber that LEGO offered before as it doesn’t require you to press down on a minifig’s head to activate it. The wire coming out of the bottom of the hilt connects to a compatible power source (sold separately) to light it up but despite that, this is great for dioramas as it adds a little bit more eye candy with a lit up blade. Blue is available right now for $8 a pop with more colors on the way.

Ace Kim | September 25th, 2010 | LEGO Star Wars, News

Human-sized LEGO Lightsabers

Linked to me by Don, these are human-sized LEGO Lightsabers. Hit the image to go to James Kenobi 1138′s gallery of all his lightsabers, but i’ll save you the trouble and show the other two relevant images of his LEGO lightsabers below: