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Casey "cas" Scott | June 28th, 2012 | News

New LEGO MMO In Development

8683 Minifigures Dummy

LEGO isn’t ready to give up the massively multiplayer online realm just yet. Not deterred by the failure of LEGO’s last entry into the MMO market, LEGO Universe, with developer NetDevil, Norwegian developer Funcom has taken the reigns to create yet another digital LEGO-scape. The difference? This new MMO is based on the popular LEGO Minifigures line (aka CMFs). States the press release:

The massively multiplayer online game that Funcom will develop based on the LEGO® Minifigures franchise will focus on maximum accessibility. Funcom and the LEGO Group will work together to make the game available to consumers in their online channels and will be coordinating activities to provide a broad and enhanced experience for the product line. The game will be a prominent part of the LEGO® Minifigures online experience which already has millions of unique visitors per month.

How does it differentiate itself from LEGO Universe? I have no idea. I never got the sense LEGO Universe and it’s collapse left people chilly to the idea of a LEGO MMO. Instead it was more the lack of value and motivation to continue to play, if there was motivation to begin with. Funcom does have one major advantage with their minifig-centric MMO NetDevil never had: direct tie-in product with an established fanbase. People love their minifigs, but the question is, will people love those same minifigs in the virtual realm?

[via Funcom]

Ace Kim | January 20th, 2012 | STUDS Comic

Studs Comic #3

We’re two days late, but here you go. We’ll resume our regular storyline Wednesday.

LEGO Universe was a funny product. I don’t mean ha-ha funny, more like what-the-heck-was-it-trying-to-be kind of funny. It was a game where children (presumably their target market) could go online, explore a virtual world, complete quests and vanquish enemies. Sounds like any other MMO game until you get to the part where you can take virtual bricks you collect throughout the game and build something. It sounds like a good idea, but the reality is that LEGO created a game that was basically competing against LEGO itself. The amount of time that an MMO requires by its very nature is time taken away from kids playing with their real life LEGO collection. Add a monthly subscription fee that could have been spent on LEGO sets and you create situation where children would have to choose between playing a game or building with LEGO and where parents would have to choose between paying a fee every month or purchase a set once that can last for years. Also, there wasn’t exactly a hole in the market for MMO’s targeted to children. And even if there was, the demand couldn’t have been too high. Of course, this is all just MY opinion. But I honestly couldn’t see the game succeeding. And $50 million dollars later, sadly, I was right.

The silver lining in all this? Galidor is STILL LEGO’s most embarrassing mistake.

Anyways, enough of my long-windedness. The game closes on January 30th, 2012.

Tommy "roguefx" Williamson | November 4th, 2011 | News

LEGO Universe To Be No More

The writing has been on the wall for months, but now it’s official, LEGO Universe will be no more as of January 31st 2012. According to the press release…

“The LEGO Universe team can take pride in having developed and launched a great LEGO experience that many players will miss,” said Jesper Vilstrup, Vice President, LEGO Universe. “Right now, we have almost 2 million players in LEGO Universe, and we get extremely positive feedback from players. Unfortunately, we have not been able to build a satisfactory revenue model in our target group, and therefore, have decided to close the game.”

The shut down will also mean that Play Well Studios in Louisville Colorado also be shut down, in addition to the marketing team in Billund. In all about 115 employees will be affected.

Nick Martin | May 14th, 2010 | LEGO, Sales News

Update: LEGO Universe Pricing Announced

Hot on the heels of the pre-order for LEGO Universe, the subscription rates have been announced for the game. Surprisingly, they seem to be bucking the trend of other MMO’s and beating out the $15 USD average that most other games charge.

Currency 1 month 6 months 12 months
US USD 9.99 49.99 89.99
Canada CAD 12.99 64.99 119.99
Germany EUR 9.99 49.99 89.99
Switzerland CHF 16.9 79.9 149.9
Austria EUR 9.99 49.99 89.99
Denmark DKK 74.95 374.95 674.95
Swenden SEK 99.5 499.5 899.5
Norway NOK 89.5 449.5 799.5
Finland EUR 9.99 49.95 89.99
Holland EUR 9.99 49.99 89.99
Belgium EUR 9.99 49.99 89.99
UK GBP 7.49 39.99 69.99
Ireland EUR 9.99 49.99 89.99
France EUR 9.99 49.99 89.99
Spain EUR 9.99 49.99 89.99
Portugal EUR 9.99 49.99 89.99
Italy EUR 9.99 49.99 89.99
Hungary HUF 2890 14450 25999
Poland PLN 39.95 199.95 359.95
Czech CZK 249 1249 2249
Don "Solo" Reitz | August 24th, 2009 | News

New Information on LEGO Universe

The first screenshots for LEGO Universe make their world premiere this week. These images show off the diversity the players will encounter in the game. It’s scheduled to launch in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, and North America in 2010.

Safety is a huge priority for LEGO Universe. Many solutions are being explored through technology, processes, and people to provide the most creative and safe environment possible.

Of course since it is a LEGO product, one can expect a creative and building focus to give players the opportunity to do a variety of activities that allow for them to interact with the LEGO elements in a virtual reality. Building with LEGO elements in LEGO Universe will take many forms, ultimately allowing players to bring their real-life creations to life inside the game.

LEGO Universe will feature a subscription model. Lot’s of research and evaluation of various models went into this decision and we feel it provides the best method to provide a trusted online experience for the player.

We’re sure you wondering about beta and the “VIP launch”. We still plan on doing both, but we are not ready to announce dates or how to sign-up just yet.

Please keep an eye out on future updates and if you absolutely have to have the latest information make sure to visit

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