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Ace Kim | June 30th, 2013 | LEGO CUUSOO, MOC Spotlight

Lars’ DeLorean

DeLorean Open Door

It’s been a while since we’ve featured a MOC from Larry Lars so I’m more than thrilled to be reporting on this one. I was linked to his teaser shots before the weekend and now it seems he’s completed his own Back To The Future DeLorean Time Machine. He has nailed the look at an almost impossible scale. There are tons of details that make you wish there were more than the four pictures in his photostream. All that’s missing is some of the sweet printed tiles of the dashboard and the flux capacitor from the upcoming official LEGO CUUSOO set to make it, in my opinion, one of if not the best DeLorean MOCs out there. If he decides to make a kit, sign me up. Heck, I’d take even just the instructions and source the parts myself to recreate this bad boy. I’d love to do a side by side comparison with 21103 Back to the Future Time Machine when it’s finally released in mid-July.

DeLorean - Side View
DeLorean - Top View
DeLorean Time Machine

Thanks to Firespray for keeping me updated.

Ace Kim | December 12th, 2012 | DC Universe, LEGO Super Heroes, MOC Spotlight

World’s Smallest LEGO Tumbler

Batman Tumbler - Instructions

You know, with the advent calendars offering ultra small models everyday for 24 days, some models really just suck hard. Of course, it could be worse. You could end up with a single element for the day. Larry Lars proves that great things can come in small packages. His micro-scale Tumbler pictured above is only 12 pieces. As a comparison, the AT-AT from day 10, which isn’t terrible, has the same piece count.

Now I’m wondering if a LEGO Super Heroes Advent Calendar is feasible. LEGO would probably have to make two separate calendars though, one for DC and one for Marvel.

And they would sell like gangbusters.