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Ken Robichaud | February 22nd, 2012 | LEGO Star Wars, News

LEGO Star Wars Storms The Nuremberg Airport

Yoda @ the Nuremberg Airport (Toy Fair 2012)

After the great coverage of both the London and New York Toy Fair’s by our intrepid reporters Pete, Don and Ace it was easy to forget about the one held in Germany. Francesco “Frankie” Fondi (awesomely alliterated alias award) sent a heads up about LEGO’s occupation of the Nuremberg airport baggage area, which was overwhelmed with LEGO Star Wars statues. You can check out the rest of the shots at his site. I’d guess these are statues that may pop up in LEGO stores quite often, but I’ve never seen one in person and the thought of them invading an airport just seems like an odd publicity stunt. Neat nontheless.

Star Wars Friends @ the Nuremberg Airport (Toy Fair 2012)

It’s sad because they used to be so close…

Pete "bigospedros" Croxson | February 9th, 2012 | LEGO Star Wars

9516 Jabba’s Palace : Video from German Toy Fair

Thanks to forum member StoutFiles, we have some pictures (video captures) and a short video showing the new 9516 Jabba’s Palace … I’m really glad you guys can now see some of the great features and minifigures of this set.  I’m sure we’ll get more detailed videos from FBTB’s content from the New York Toy Fair this weekend, but this should be enough to whet your appetite!


Pete "bigospedros" Croxson | February 3rd, 2012 | LEGO Lord of the Rings, News

German Toy Fair 2012 … Lord Of The Rings

More LOTR from German Toy Fair

And here’s a sneak picture of the Lord Of The Rings sets too … again, quite a small photo, but you can see the scale of the sets.  I should add, the display stands /scenery in the background are not included in the sets!!  This again comes from this website.  Let’s hope there’s more to follow …

Pete "bigospedros" Croxson | February 3rd, 2012 | LEGO Star Wars

German Toy Fair 2012 … Star Wars

First Star Wars Shot from German Toy Fair

The first reports suggested that photos were not allowed, but this website from Slovenia seems to have some photos.  The  only (to date) Star Wars one to appear is above, which gives us a little sneak peak of a few of the sets, including the Malevolence.  I’m sure more photos will follow …

Pete "bigospedros" Croxson | February 2nd, 2012 | LEGO Lord of the Rings

German Toy Fair reveals more Lord Of The Rings stuff …

… but they also impose a strict photo ban, so this might be it!!

Nuremberg Toy Fair Lord Of The Rings Lego Display

Photo borrowed from this site (be warned, the site is in German!).

They didn’t have these at the UK Toy Fair last week … shame, cos they look pretty cool.  You’re also getting a bit of a glimpse of the Shelob model there too.  Maybe we’ll get other pictures of the outside of the stall at the Fair too?