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Nick Martin | January 11th, 2014 | LEGO Star Wars, News, Rants

Apparently there is time to discuss this in committee…

Mickey Emperor

This actually popped up a couple of days ago, but I’d sat on posting it mostly because I’m lazy (and needed a good title). I first saw it on io9, and ArsTechnica has since written an op-ed on it. In short… Disney is going to “address” the Expanded Universe (EU), and decide what’s in canon and what’s not from the EU. Anyone who’s followed Star Wars outside of the movies (which I’ll just assume is pretty much everyone here) knows that the “Official” to “EU” connection is fuzzy at best. Books, video games, some comics (but not all), TV shows, toys… all considered in canon, and often conflicting with each other. There were even levels of canon defined, with the movies at the top, then TV shows, then books, then I think fan fiction…

In short, the whole thing is a mess. Enter Disney, most likely salivating over its multi-billion dollar property and the greatest merchandising machine this side of Cars. Part of their control of the universe is actually controlling the universe. It’s why the comics are going back to Marvel (owned by Disney), why the books have been slowly going away (most likely to move to some other publisher), and why the Clone Wars cartoon was killed off in favor of Rebels on a Disney network.


Ryan "chief" Wood | September 20th, 2010 | LEGO Star Wars, MOC Spotlight

This Post has a Picture

And it’s uuuugly (on purpose!)

Ugly: Z'ceptor (main)

As spotted in the FBTB Flickr Outpost, here’s Louis K’s Z’Ceptor, an Ugly ship from the Expanded Universe, is gorgeous. LOOK AT IT.