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Ken Robichaud | May 11th, 2012 | DC Universe, LEGO Batman, LEGO Super Heroes, Sales News

Pre-Order LEGO Batman Visual Dictionary & New LEGO Batman 2 Game Info

Official Cover Art

Been a bit negligent on posting lately, let a lot of stuff slide by and that probably won’t change anytime soon, but Batman really doesn’t deserve that type of treatment. It’s easy for him to get lost in all the Avengers hype right now, so here’s a bit of a Bat-news roundup.

The LEGO Batman: Visual Dictionary (LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes) book from DK Publishing is now available for pre-order and the exclusive minfig that will come with it has been revealed to be Electro Suit Batman from the upcoming video game. I didn’t think there were enough sets and such to fill a book yet, but based on the images like the one below and the fig, I’m in.

Speaking of the video game, did a report on some info in the latest issue of Game Informer Magazine with some interesting new details about the upcoming LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes game. I’ve cobbled together the relevant info and included it after the jump and you can pre-order the book or the game from Amazon by clicking the pics above.


Ace Kim | November 23rd, 2011 | Giveaways, LEGO Star Wars

November’s Giveaway Winners Announced

Book Giveaway

Thanks to everyone for their interest in our little giveaway sponsored by Entertainment Marketing Group and DK Publishing. So, without further ado, your winners are:

Paul Lewis
Dallas, TX

Josh Mango
Brisbane, Australia

Aidan Flynn
Plainville, MA

Joshua Waltz
Littleton, CO

Congratulations to the four of you! Your books will be on their way. If you were one of the unlucky, don’t worry as our December giveaways are right around the corner!

Still interested in the books? They’re available on Amazon. The LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia is currently $11.39 and The LEGO Ideas Book is only $13.99.

Ace Kim | November 16th, 2011 | Giveaways, LEGO Star Wars

November’s Giveaway Starts Right Now

Book Giveaway

No battle packs this month. Instead, we’re giving away four sets of books pictured above. Should you be one of the lucky, you will receive one copy of LEGO Star Wars: Character Encyclopedia and one copy of The LEGO Ideas Book. Huw Millington of Brickset and I worked on the Character Encyclopedia book. Daniel Lipkowitz penned the Ideas book; his name should be familiar to many of you as he has also written the LEGO Master Builder Academy manuals as well as other stories and publications. Entertainment Marketing Group and DK Publishing is sponsoring this giveaway so let’s all say thank you and give them a big round of applause.

To enter, all you need to do is send an email with your mailing address and GIMME SOME BOOKS as the subject line to [email protected]. Contest is open to anyone in the world. Enter only once or be ridiculed publicly. You have one week to send me your email; the giveaway window closes on 11:59pm PST Tuesday November 22nd, 2011. Standard giveaway rules apply. Four winners will be chosen at random.

Ace Kim | July 29th, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars, News

LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia, Ceremonial Han Minifigure Previewed

DK Publishing’s latest book, LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia, is being printed, assembled, and bound as we speak. A few days ago, posted an article giving you a preview of some of the interior pages of the book including a sneak preview of the minifigure exclusive, Ceremonial Han Solo, pictured below. I’m not a huge fan of that chin print, but what are you going to do. Both Huw Millington of Brickset and I consulted on the book. It came down to the wire with some of the corrections that we submitted, so I’m curious what did and didn’t make it through. The DK booth at Comic Con had a copy of the book on display. It feels rather substantial, and the full color images are breathtaking. Expect a full review when I get my hands on a copy. Hit the image on the right sidebar to preorder the book from Amazon. Release date is set for October 3, 2011.

Thanks to HothTrooper for the heads up.

Ace Kim | January 3rd, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars, News

DK Publishing’s LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia

Character Encyclopedia

Got some news in email today, and among them there was a link to this page on showcasing some of DK Publishing’s newest books slated for release sometime in 2011. The most interesting book was the Character Encyclopedia which is a visual compendium of every LEGO Star Wars minifigure to date. And, like the Visual Dictionary, it will come with an exclusive minifigure. Hopefully, it will be a medal ceremony Han Solo to complement the Luke figure.

Character Encyclopedia Page Layout
Ace Kim | October 7th, 2010 | Events, LEGO Star Wars

DK Publishing to Break World Record with Star Wars Mosaic

DK Mosaic

To celebrate the launch of their latest Brickmaster books, from Saturday October 23 through Monday October 25, DK Publishing will be hosting a free event at Shoreditch Town Hall, London and attempt to break the Guinness World Record of the largest LEGO mosaic ever assembled. Pictured above, the dimensions of the mosaic will be 16 meters x 7 meters comprised of 1,500 baseplates and 384,000 LEGO bricks. They say bricks but I’m pretty sure they mean plates. In any case, you can attend this free event by registering on the DK site. Registered attendees will also be included in a drawing for a 4 tickets to LEGOLand Windsor. You can read all the details and register at the DK website.

You can preorder the LEGO Brickmaster: Star Wars books from Amazon (use this link if you’re in the UK). US street date is scheduled for October 18

Ace Kim | June 30th, 2010 | LEGO Star Wars, News

LEGO Star Wars Brickmaster Book

DK Publishing is adding a new book to their LEGO Brickmaster line of books: Star Wars! Yay! If you can look past the fact that it’s based on Clone Wars, it looks like it’s going be a pretty nice addition to your collection. Right off the bat you see two new MINI models: one of the AAT and the other a Republic Attack Shuttle. The shuttle is different than the one that was available from Target a few months back; this one seems bigger and beefier. And you get a clone and battle droid to boot.

Preorder is available from Amazon, and with a preorder you always get their low price guarantee, meaning you’ll pay the lowest price regardless of when you placed your order. Release date is set for November 1, 2010.

LEGO Brickmaster: Star Wars on