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Ace Kim | October 1st, 2013 | LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sales News

30270 Kraang Laser Turret Now Available


We previously reported on polybag set # 30270 appearing in the wild, but now we have some more information to share. The set name is “Kraang Laser Turret” and it was part of a Create and Take event at select Toys’R’Us stores, most likely the same stores found on this list. But now, the sets are widely available in more stores and at Toys’R’Us online. They are part of a promotion at TRU where you will get a set for free if you spend $20 or more on LEGO products. Or you can just buy them for $3.99 each. Limit 5 per customer.

Another interesting polybag to pop up online is the 40077 Geoffrey the Giraffe polybag. This is a TRU exclusive set, costs $5.99 with no quantity limit.

And lastly, if you missed out the Chase McCain figure from Target for $1, you can buy him for $3.19 from TRU with a quantity limit of 20.

Use coupon code SAVE15 to save 15% off your regularly priced items.

Ace Kim | April 29th, 2013 | LEGO Super Heroes, Marvel Comics, News

Gamestop Reveals Pre-order Bonus for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes


Gamestop has updated their site for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes detailing their pre-order bonus, and it’s not as great as I was expecting. The pre-order bonus is a Spider-Man keychain. Yeah, I know. In case you weren’t aware, the keychain is available for purchase right now from LEGO Shop@Home. This is kind of good news and bad news depending on how you feel about chasing exclusives. The good news is that there won’t be another exclusive to chase down if you weren’t into the video game. The bad news is that this is a wasted opportunity to get an obscure character or a variant suit of a popular character. There is a tiny chance that the keychain could be of Black Suit Spider-Man, or another varient paint job, but if that were the case, why make it a keychain? Unfortunately, there’s no picture yet to verify the suit color. Promotional exclusives have more often than not been a channel to put figures out there that would not normally fit into a regular set. Considering the roster of the previous pre-order game bonuses (Power Suit Lex Luthor, Elrond, Voodoo Doll Jack Sparrow, and Chase McCain), this Spider-Man keychain is pretty much a pre-order cancel button.