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Ken Robichaud | June 16th, 2014 | LEGO Star Wars, Sales News

2014’s LEGO Star Wars Hallmark Ornament is Boba Fett!

Yes, the Hallmark Keepsake LEGO Star Wars ornament this year is the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy, Boba Fett. Three things I love all rolled into one, Boba Fett, LEGO and geeky Christmas ornaments. I guess I know what I’m getting for my anniversary this summer! Honestly, I was surprised that he wasn’t picked last year, but I suppose they wanted to get a “good guy” in there after two years worth of villainy and helmets. Which reminds me, I still need to get the Stormtrooper ornament I missed…

Thanks to banthafodder for the heads up in the forums.


Ken Robichaud | June 4th, 2014 | LEGO Star Wars, News

Star Wars Roundup: New Cast Members, New Solo Film Director and JJ Teases Fans


Two new cast members were announced for Star Wars Episode VII this week. Academy Award winning actress Lupita Nyong’o seen above with her SAG award and Gwendoline Christie, seen below on Game of Thrones fighting a bear… with a wooden sword.


These two new faces break up the boys club that is Star Wars a wee bit and I can’t wait to see who their characters are.

On the front of totally unsubstantiated rumours comes word that the slate of stand alone films has been revealed by a Hasbro Toy event and reported by a German website. If this is true it would breakdown as:

  • • 2014: Rebels
  • • 2015: Episode VII
  • • 2016: Boba Fett
  • • 2017: Episode VIII
  • • 2018: Solo
  • • 2019: Episode IX
  • • 2020: Red Five

Red 5 could be based on any of the pilots that have used that call sign, or maybe it’ll be like Seven Samurai except with Darth Maul, R-3PO, Kardue’sai’Malloc, Darth Talon and let’s say… a Royal Guard, or Luke from Angry Birds. So, that schedule would put Gareth Edwards on Boba Fett duty and the Han Solo film would be helmed by the newly announced Josh Trank.


Director of Chronicle and the hilariously controversial Fantastic Four reboot, Trank is another life long Star Wars fan that even made a mildly inappropriate fan film back in 2007. These stand alone flicks are years off (if the subjects are even finalized) and if the recent Ant Man issues prove anything it’s that nothing is set in stone, so time will tell.


And finally, a lot of pictures from the indoor and outdoor sets of Episode VII showed up on line this week, which I won’t link to here because I don’t want the source to get anymore attention then they already do. If you haven’t seen them, they won’t be hard to find. The best part of the whole thing is JJ Abrams response to the leaking of photos and what may or may not be seen in the film.

What do you think of all the rumours and news rolling out of the SW universe right now? Good, Bad or Jar Jar?

Ken Robichaud | October 14th, 2013 | LEGO Star Wars, MOC Spotlight

“He’s no good to me dead”

"He's no good to me dead"

It’s Thanksgiving in Canada and I’m thankful for more things then I could list here. Right now though, I’m very thankful that Dave Shaddix made this.

I’m just going to leave it right here.

Ken Robichaud | July 18th, 2013 | LEGO Batman, LEGO Star Wars, MOC Spotlight

Powerpig’s Remarkable Brick Sketches

Bleep Bloop

Surprisingly, there are other things happening in the world at the moment that don’t revolve around SDCC. Chris McVeigh has been busy with these great brick marker sketches that were inspired by his friends actual marker sketches. I’m sure there will be a lot of sketching going on this weekend and hopefully Chris will keep these brick versions coming. You can also check out his first sketch on Facebook.

Bounty SketcherBeware the Batman
Ace Kim | August 23rd, 2012 | LEGO Star Wars, News

Star Wars Celebration Exclusive Revealed

LEGO Star Wars Celebration VI Exclusive

Star Wars Celebration VI is happening right now through Sunday August 26, 2012 down in Orlando, FL at the Orange County Convention Center. Like Comic Con before it, the convention sees a new LEGO mini model exclusive, this time featuring Boba Fett in a MINI Slave I. Michael Huffman (mhuffman) snagged one of these for himself today. Stay tuned to his flickr account and maybe he’ll have some pics of the built model.

These sets look very Chibi like….

Ken Robichaud | June 27th, 2012 | LEGO Star Wars, MOC Spotlight

Legohaulic’s Bust-ed Boba Fett

Boba Fett Helmet 01

In some ways Boba Fett is the Elvis of the Star Wars Universe. His outfit is instantly recognizable, he partied like a rock star, died in a humiliating fashion and yet many of his fans refuse to believe that he’s really dead. Legohaulic’s Bust of the galaxy’s greatest bounty hunter is a excellent build at this small scale and a fitting tribute to the character who could also be looked at as the SWU equivalent of Schrödinger’s cat.

Ace Kim | December 5th, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars, News

New LEGO Adult Watches, Retractable Pens

LEGO Boba Fett Adult Watch

You know, as watches go, the LEGO ones are clearly geared towards kids what with the buildable strap and ho hum design. Recently, Things From Another World listed some “LEGO Adult Watches” but with no pictures until now. There’s the Boba Fett watch above, which isn’t all that bad to be honest with you. Definitely a step up from any of their previous offerings and might actually appeal to an adult. Might. ‘Cause let’s face it, if LEGO Star Wars watches aren’t the ultimate indicator of your geek status, nothing is. There’s also a Darth Vader watch. A Stormtrooper design is also mentioned, but no listing was found. Price for the watches is $27.99 on pre-order.

LEGO Star Wars Pens

And in other niche market news, have you ever had a minifig in your pocket and wished it was a pen instead? Well wish no more! There is a series of LEGO Star Wars pseudo-minifigs where you can pull off the head and voila! You get a spinal cord retractable pen! The pic is tiny, but it looks like there’s a Stormtrooper, C-3PO, Han Solo, Boba Fett, and Darth Vader. They all include a stand. I’m going to go out on a limb and say the legs are fixed and unmovaible, much like the minifigure USB drive. Price is $10.39 if you pre-order. That’s one pricey pen….

And if the release date on those products is any indication, the official street date for Star Wars merchandise is February 29th, 2012. I imagine LEGO Star Wars will be released at the same time.

Thanks to CloneEmperor for the tip.

Ken Robichaud | November 26th, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars, MOC Spotlight

Clone Wars Christmas Special

The Clone Wars Christmas Hymn

This scene created by Ninja_Nin reminds me of a few Christmas parties I’ve been to and I don’t regularly hang out with bounty hunters. It’s also a great idea if you’re looking to make your own cards this holiday season, though I suspect not all songs would be so easily turned to the dark side.

Ken Robichaud | October 31st, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars, News

Happy Halloween from FBTB

Happy Halloween!

This one’s for you Nick!

Ace Kim | October 25th, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars, Sales News

ThinkGeek Has Your Boba Fett Clock

LEGO Star Wars Minifig Alarm Clock

ThinkGeek now has the LEGO Star Wars Boba Fett minifig alarm clock in stock and ready to ship for $29.99. They also have Darth Vader and Stormtrooper clocks available for the same price in case Mr. Fett doesn’t do it for you. These make great gifts for the LEGO-obsesed loved one in your life.