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Ken Robichaud | November 28th, 2012 | LEGO Star Wars, Sales News

Midi-Scale Star Destroyer Available Through Brickset & Chowren Toys

Here’s the skinny from Chowren Toys:

“We just got our hands on some old Star Wars sets and would like to offer them to Brickset readers. The set is LEGO Star Wars 8099, Midi-Scale Imperial Star Destroyer from 2010 which contains 423 pieces and retailed for $39.99 in the US. Our special Brickset promo price is US$25.00. Please use the promo code 8099BrickS to receive this special price. Limit 3 per customer and quantity is limited. At our price that is only $0.06 per piece!”

It’s a nice deal on a set that some may have missed and I felt it was a solid set in a theme I’d love to see more from. I think it’s great that Jason is sharing these deals with the Brickset community, so thanks to Jason & Huw!

Head to the store now and get yours while you can!

Ken Robichaud | December 8th, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars, MOC Spotlight

“Our First Catch Of The Day.”

"Our first catch of the day."

Blockaderunner‘s latest effort depicts a GR-75 Medium Transport and it’s X-wing escorts escaping in the aftermath of Echo Base’s ion cannon smacking the smug off of Captain Lennox’s face. The simple lighting is a nice touch to yet another well crafted image.

Casey "cas" Scott | August 23rd, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars, Reviews

Review: 8099 Midi-scale Imperial Star Destroyer

8099 Midi-scale Imperial Star Destroyer

It’s 2009, I get a glimpse of the first Midi set, 7778 Midi-scale Millennium Falcon. I completely dismiss it. I decide I’m not going to bother with it. It’s too small. It’s too expensive. It’s too boring. What place does it have in my collection? I move on and forget about it. Several months pass and one day while I’m at Wal-mart (where both 7778 and 8099 are retailer exclusives) I stroll into the LEGO aisle and there sits the Midi Falcon with a red clearance sticker of $19 (MSRP was $39.99 US). What do I do? I buy it and guess what? It’s awesome. So you’d think if I ended up liking 7778 enough to call it awesome, I’d be eager to get my hands on the latest Midi-scale set, 8099 Midi-scale Imperial Star Destroyer. Not quite. (more…)

Rick "GIR3691" Theroux | December 25th, 2010 | LEGO, LEGO Star Wars, Sales News

…and Out with the Old.

Home One

Another year coming to an end, another massive clearance sale. Yesterday S@H threw a bunch of items into their sales section for 50% off clearance. Sadly most of the best deals are gone (a lot of it sold out fast), but there are a couple of stragglers. Lots of keychains and magnet sets, a few great sets, and a few non-sellers. The usual. At it’s peak, there were around 200 items available in the sale section, but now there are about three pages of in-stock items. You can see them all HERE.

I singled out a few great 50% off deals left, as of this posting:
5983 Undercover Cruiser $14.98 (was $29.99)
7747 Wind Turbine Transport $29.98 (was $59.99)
7754 Mon Calamari Star Cruiser $54.98 (was $109.99)
8099 Midi-Scale Imperial Star Destroyer $19.99 (was $39.99)
7752 Count Dooku’s Solar Sailer $27.48 (was $54.99)

Rick "GIR3691" Theroux | November 7th, 2010 | LEGO, LEGO Star Wars, Sales News

[USA] Deals Are Afoot at Toys R Us, Walmart

Walmart has rolled back 8099 MIDI-Scale Star Destroyer to $32 (from $39.99) and 8093 Plo Koon’s Starfighter to $19 (from $24.99) on According to forum member JM72076, these prices last today (November 7) through November 24.

Also check out their “bundle packs” for some most intriguing bulk deals.

Not to be outdone, Toys R Us has a few sets on 25% clearance, including their exclusive 7752 Count Dooku’s Solar Sailer ($44.95 from $59.99) today through November 13. 3221 LEGO City Truck ($26.24 from $34.99), which is a most bodaciously meta set, is also included in the flyer.

Pretty nice discounts all around, even for TRU. That is a most agreeable price on the Solar Sailer. Plus, daylight savings starts today, so perhaps you can use that extra hour to do some bargain hunting.

Party on, dudes!

Ace Kim | October 19th, 2010 | LEGO Star Wars, Sales News

8099 MIDI-Scale Imperial Star Destroyer Rolls Back to $32

8099 MIDI Scale Imperial Star Destroyer

7591 Construct-a-Zurg isn’t the only Walmart-exclusive to see a rollback. Right now, instore and online, you can get 8099 MIDI-Scale Imperial Star Destroyer for $32. If you don’t want to brave the Walmart crowds and I honestly can’t blame you if you don’t, I mean what genius management has 5 lanes out of a possible 15 open on a Saturday afternoon when the store’s packed with customers? but I digress. As I was saying, if you want to save some of the hassle of buying something there, Site-to-Store shipping is free.