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Ken Robichaud | December 15th, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars

Star Wars Advent Calendar – Day 15

Day 15 - Republic Attack Gunship
Day 15 – Republic Attack Gunship

Building this one I figured it would end up like Day 9’s Imperial Shuttle, but it turned out to be another accurate micro scale creation. The shaping is great and I really like how they dealt with the dark red paint job running down the front slope and the double bubble cockpits. I can’t help but think that this micro is actually Wall-e dressed up in his Star Wars Halloween costume.

Ken Robichaud | December 14th, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars

Star Wars Advent Calendar – Day 14

Day 14 - Mouse Droid
Day 14 – Mouse Droid

Filler Alert! What am I supposed to say? It’s a toaster on wheels. I’m not trying to poodoo all over this droid, but it’s not supposed to even come up to someone’s knee much less their waist. It’s pretty impossible to scale this thing to a minifigure and ends up making it more of an imperial K-9 then a mouse. It’s saving grace would be it’s exclusivity, coming in only the expensive sets I mentioned yesterday. Unfortunately it’s not really exclusive if you can build it with left over extra bits from other sets.

Ken Robichaud | December 13th, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars

Star Wars Advent Calendar – Day 13

Day 13 - R2-Q5
Day 13 – R2-Q5

Everybody loves an astromech droid and this guy is a beauty. Sure he was working for the wrong team, but nobody’s perfect! Before this he was only available in rather expensive sets, like the 6211 Imperial Star Destroyer and the 10188 Death Star. I love this one, I had no idea it was in this calendar and it was a nice surprise. There’s just something about an off colour droid that looks slick and Q5 is a perfect example of that. Also, I’ve discovered I really like taking pictures of droids

Ken Robichaud | December 12th, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars, MOC Spotlight

Don’t Like The Star Wars Advent Calendar? Build Your Own!

Here we are at the end of the first twelve days of December and I’m in an increasingly festive mood, so this was a welcome suprise to find waiting for me in the forums this morning. You may now be aware of the existence of Lego-Maniac, who is one of many great builders with a soft spot for Batman. Don’t worry, he’s a Star Wars fan too and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Apparently not content with the official Star Wars Advent Calendar, his 7 year old son decided to make his own. Yeah you heard me right, I’m blogging the creation of a 7 year old. I don’t know if this has ever been done before on this site and I certainly didn’t think I would be the one to do it, but there it is. Each little ship has a cartoon stylized, almost chibi look to them and I have to admit I’m genuinely impressed by young Mini Lego-Maniac. This is a great lesson for those who complained about the SW calendar we got. If you don’t like it, build your own.

Well played kid.

Ace Kim | December 8th, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars, News

Update on Toys for Tots

Brickset's Donation

We’ve hit a bit of a snafu regarding our Toys for Tots efforts. Apparently, LEGO being “aware of our activities” isn’t exactly the same as being okay with it. After discovering yesterday that they implemented a three email restriction on the number of emails that can be sent from one email address to another, I discovered that simply editing the from email address, you could still use the send/back/send method. The number of greetings started to skyrocket once again. And then this morning at approximately 9:19am, I’ve had my IP address blocked from the site as well as a few other members of the rebel alliance. I can’t even check the number of toys donated let alone send a greeting or read any greetings I may receive.

Kind of a low blow if you ask me. If the Empire LEGO was serious about donating a million toys, they would lift the blockades they put in place. Heck, if they were really serious, they’d just donate the toys anyway and we can call it a day. I understand that a webmaster has to do what he/she can to keep the site up and running and not to overload the servers, but what they are actually doing is making it harder to donate toys. I’ve had a few alliance members send some test greetings using unique email addresses that have never been used before, and those greetings were never received. The other thing I hope they realize is that once we hit a million toys, everything will go back to normal and the site traffic to will go back down to the near zero levels it was before.

Despite their efforts, however, we are burning through the rest of the unread emails that landed in our inbox. We are patiently waiting the confirmation of any greetings that are successfully received. A few greetings have trickled into the inbox, but nothing substantial that’s worth mentioning. Those were probably previously undeliverable messages that finally got delivered. I have my suspicion that they stopped outgoing emails and are devising another fail safe measure to screen out greetings in some way but no pattern has emerged quite yet.

In the meantime, I’d like to mention a few things. In addition to the great giveaways we have planned, Huw Millington of Brickset has graciously donated a set of polybags that were either very difficult to obtain in the US or was never made available (see first pic above) as a prize. Ken “buriedbybricks” is donating an copy of 7958 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar to the one who sends the most greetings. All names will be drawn when we hit 1 million toys or on December 24th, whichever happens sooner.


As of this writing, we’re currently at 321,919 toys donated. I’m determined to do what I can to make that number go higher. When we started this campaign, the number was only at 590. The good news is that one of my contacts did say that they will honor that number, or whatever number it happens to be at December 24th (when the site is shut down). Let’s hope that they stick to their word.


Ace Kim | November 14th, 2011 | Events, LEGO Star Wars

Build A 12-foot Tall Santa Yoda This Weekend in San Francisco

Santa Yoda

By now, I’m sure many of you have picked up the 7958 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar set and/or have seen the exclusive Santa Yoda minifig that comes with it. To kick off the holidays, starting this Friday November 18th through Sunday November 20th, you can help build a 12-foot tall Santa Yoda at Union Square in San Francisco, CA. More info to come, so please stay tuned.

Ace Kim | October 17th, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars, Sales News

Target Sells 7877 Naboo Starfighter Exclusive at 20% off is offering the exclusive LEGO Star Wars set 7877 Naboo Starfighter at a discounted price of $39.99, down from $49.99 netting you a savings of 20% off MSRP. Target will charge tax where applicable, but they are offering free shipping on this item with no minimum order. The offer is also good in-store if you’re out and about. The weekly ad also shows 7958 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar for MSRP: $39.99.

Ace Kim | September 7th, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars, Sales News

7958 Star Wars Advent Calendar Back In Stock at Amazon

Title says it all. I thought for sure they sold through their allotment, but apparently not. You know the drill: price is $39.99, free shipping and no tax to most states. LEGO Shop@Home has a free shipping promotion going on right now through September 18 and you get 50 bonus VIP points with your purchase with them if you spend over $75. If you live in a tax free state and plan on buying a lot, that might be a better deal.

Ace Kim | September 1st, 2011 | LEGO, Sales News

Shop@Home Free Shipping, Bonus VIP Points Promotions

Free Shipping on orders of $75 or more. Sep 1-18, 2011. 50 bonus VIP points on orders of $75 or more. Sep 1-30, 2011.

Right now through 4:59pm EST September 18, 2011, you can score free shipping on all orders $75 or more through LEGO Shop@Home. Also, for the entire month of September, you’ll get an extra 50 VIP points if you spend $75 or more. Those are some pretty nice incentives to pick up the latest new releases, such as:

You can also pick up 7958 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar and your max allotment of 16 series 5 minifigures and still meet the minimum order requirements.

Ken Robichaud | August 24th, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars, Sales News

7958 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar Now At Shop@Home

Now, the moment that you’ve all been waiting for or maybe some of you have been waiting for: 7958 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar is now waiting for you at LEGO Shop@Home. If you haven’t picked one up from Amazon, this will probably be the next best online offer: VIP Points and you can still get the Alien Conquest Jetpack Minifigure polybag set as a freebie. Price is $39.99 plus tax and shipping, and there’s an order limit of 5 per customer.