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Ace Kim | December 5th, 2009 | Sales News

Walmart Rolls Back Price On Midi-Scale Falcon: $25

RIght now through December 12 or as long as supplies last, you can score a 7778 Midi-scale Millennium Falcon for $25, down from $39, at Walmart. It’s sold out online, so you may have better luck at retail locations. If it pops back up online, I’ll update this post. For yourself, or better yet, as a gift, it is an excellent set, and at $25 bucks, how can you not pick one up?

Thanks to Casey for sending in the tip.

Ace Kim | October 28th, 2009 | MOC Spotlight

[MOD] 7778 MIDI-scale Millennium Falcon + Lifelites eLite Jr.

Falcon Mod Step - 26

When I was building the MIDI-scale Falcon set for the review, I was noticing just how much hollow space there was all around the ship. Then I got to thinking about modding it to have working headlights and a glowing engine; all that empty space should be enough to hide some wires and a battery box or two. I turned to Lifelites to see what was possible. After consulting with Rob, I ordered two sets of eLite Jr. kits and got my kits in the mail a few days later. If you want to see how the mod is done, hit the full article link below.

Falcon Mod Step - 27


Ace Kim | October 26th, 2009 | Reviews

Review: 7778 MIDI-scale Millennium Falcon

When 7778 MIDI-scale Millennium Falcon was announced with a preliminary (read as: leaked) box shot, people were up in arms about this set. Most of the complaints were focused on the odd scale. “It won’t fit with the rest of my collection” was a pretty common sentiment around the community. I, for one, and maybe a few others, saw the genius in this new scale.



Ace Kim | July 31st, 2009 | Sales News

7778 Midi-scale Millennium Falcon Now Available At S@H

Have you ever wanted a LEGO Millennium Falcon but could never afford the $99 price tag, or worse, the $499 price tag for the Ultimate Collector Series incarnation? Well, if you’ve been waiting anxiously for the Midi-scale Falcon, nows your chance to buy it. It is now listed at LEGO Shop@Home for the princely sum of $39.99 (plus tax and shipping)icon. If you’re a Brickmaster member, this would be a perfect opportunity to use one of those $5 coupons to offset the cost a bit.

This set’s gotten its fair share of jeers and cheers, mostly jeers from those that say they just don’t understand why a new scale is being introduced. I for one think it’s a brilliant model. The price point makes it accessible to just about anyone from little Timmy saving up a few weeks allowance to the Grandma trying to pick out a gift for her 35 year old, cubicle-environment working grandson and everyone in between. The size makes it perfect for display on an office desk, cubicle shelf, or fireplace mantle. Hopefully, LEGO will continue with this scale, and if they do, I have four words of advice: needs more capital starships.

Hit the image to order yours today!:

Ryan "chief" Wood | April 20th, 2009 | News

New 7778 Midi-Scale Millennium Falcon info and pics has new pics and info about the new mini-scale Falcon. Head on over to check it out, and join the discussion already in progress on the forum by clicking the comments link below.