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Ace Kim | February 7th, 2014 | Sales News, The LEGO Movie

LEGO Shop@Home Promotions For February

30280 The Piece of Resistance

No doubt this has been the week of The LEGO Movie news. And it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon. LEGO Shop@Home is celebrating the release of the movie (and let’s not forget the video game) with a special promo for the month of February polybag set. Get 30280 The Piece of Resistance with any purchase of $50 or more. They really should lower that requirement by a dollar. What if all I wanted to get was The LEGO Movie Videogame for the Wii U? Or 70802 Bad Cop’s Pursuit and 70803 Cloud Cuckoo Palace? I would be pennies short from getting the promo set. Tsk tsk, LEGO! Free shipping if your order hits $75 or more. And VIP points. And, and… I think that’s it. Deal is good from now until February 28th or while supplies last.

Nick Martin | December 29th, 2013 | Reviews, The LEGO Movie

Review: 70803 Cloud Cuckoo Palace

70803 - Full Set

While 70805 Trash Chomper was the set I knew I just absolutely had to have when I first saw the alt-builds, 70803 Cloud Cuckoo Palace was the set I wanted based on the box images alone. I couldn’t even really tell you why, honestly, other than the fact mixing insane colors, a Candy Land vide, and a Lego snail is just a quick way to get my money. I mean, how can look at that thing and not smile, thinking about Gum Drop Mountain.

Oh, and also there’s a unicorn kitten, which I assume is just what pulled the strings and controlled the unicorn dogs from Star Trek. And a snail, which some people eat and the rest of us kill on site (especially if they’re those nasty invasive species ones). And of course Emmet, but we also get Wyldstyle and a robot, because we get robots in pretty much every set.

At $20, this set is downright budget for the color mix you get. A good portion of the colors have only been available in Friends sets previously, so you can stock up if you’ve been avoiding those for some reason. Of course, if you’ve been avoiding them, you’re kinda crazy… the Friends line has been a great source of unique stuff. Anyway… on to the review!


Ace Kim | December 29th, 2013 | Sales News, The LEGO Movie

The LEGO Movie Sets Now Available at LEGO Shop@Home

Title says it all. Links below. We’ll be publishing our review blitz for (almost) every set in a few hours. Check back at 9am Eastern.

The LEGO Movie

Ace Kim | November 25th, 2013 | News, The LEGO Movie

The LEGO Movie Sets Revealed

70800 Getaway Glider 1

LEGO has revealed all of The LEGO Movie sets on their Google+ page as well as the microsite. Now that we can see the full gamut of sets, these look to be some of the most fun and creative sets made. Some people have compared them to the parts-dump themes like Time Twisters, but these don’t strike me as being a parts-dump. I don’t have much of an opinion of the flying castle, but the ice cream truck and recycling truck look fantastic. These images also more or less confirm what I suspected all along in that there are alternate model builds for some of the sets.

I’ve included all previous images published before into the gallery below so that you can see everything at once. Enjoy!

View All Images

Ace Kim | November 13th, 2013 | Sales News, The LEGO Movie

LEGO Shop@Home Adds The LEGO Movie Sets


LEGO Shop@Home updated their site with some entries for The LEGO Movie sets. There are only five sets listed out of the 11 that we know about. The LEGO Movie sets are part of the January 2014 assortment, but Shop@Home lists each of the sets as “Coming Soon on 29 Dec 2013″. Price and piece count information is listed as well as final box art.

70803 Cloud Cuckoo Palace
70803 Cloud Cuckoo Palace: 197 pieces, $19.99

70807 MetalBeard's Duel
70807 MetalBeard’s Duel: 412 pieces, $34.99

70808 Super Cycle Chase
70808 Super Cycle Chase: 514 pieces, $49.99

70809 Lord Business' Evil Lair
70809 Lord Business’ Evil Lair: 738 pieces, $69.99

71004 LEGO Minifigures – The LEGO Movie Series: 7 pieces, $2.99

Big thanks to Keith for emailing it in.

Ace Kim | November 5th, 2013 | News, The LEGO Movie

More The LEGO Movie Set Images

70800 Escape Glider has updated their site to include a new section for The LEGO Movie. The section has two subsections, Products and Videos. The video section has both trailers released so far for the movie. The other subsection, “Products”, showcases some of the new Movie-based setss. Two new sets have already been revealed in addition to the previous sets we’ve already seen with the others partially hidden under a cloth. It’s unclear how often the sets will be unveiled, daily or weekly, but if you can’t wait that long, you can view some pictures that Brickipedia has unearthed.