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Ace Kim | September 1st, 2013 | Contests, LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Volkswagen

Star Warsify The Mini Camper Van Building Contest


If you haven’t ordered from Shop@Home to get yourself a Mini Camper Van set, or the regular Camper Van set, or don’t have enough money to do either, then now is your chance to win one! LEGO Shop@Home is sponsoring this contest offering prizes of 5 copies of 40079 Mini Volkswagen T1 Camper Van and 1 grand prize of 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van! All you have to do is Star Warsify the Mini Camper Van.


Ace Kim | October 7th, 2012 | LEGO Volkswagen, Sales News

Amazon Discounts 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van

Amazon’s discounted the 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van down to the price it should have been sold at from the beginning, $99.99, down from $119.99.

These sales are killing me. I have a feeling there is more yet to come.

Pete "bigospedros" Croxson | October 23rd, 2011 | LEGO Volkswagen, Reviews

Review: 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van


As soon as we got proper pictures of this set, I knew I wanted it … and as soon as it became available, I ordered it (in the process getting some money off and a free Atlantis set).

This review is brought to you with the assistance of “cool” surfers Brad and Deborah … with Sally the Lifeguard on hand to ensure safety ;)


Ace Kim | October 11th, 2011 | LEGO Volkswagen, News

10220 T1 Camper Van Time Lapse Build

Marshall Matlock wrote in to let us know of a nice little video he posted on his blog page. It shows a time lapse video of him building the 10220 Camper Van set. Over 1,800 photographs were taken and compressed down to 24 frames per second for a video that is a little over a minute and a half long. Kind of a nice way to see how the build goes if you haven’t built this set for yourself yet.

Ace Kim | September 23rd, 2011 | LEGO Volkswagen, Sales News

10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van Now Available

I got word yesterday that the incredible microbus set 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van will go on sale today through LEGO Shop@Home for the North American market. In addition to the set seeing an early release up from October 1, Shop@Home is also offering free shipping once again now through the end of the month for US and Canada. Free shipping applies to orders of $75 or more, which shouldn’t be a problem if you’re just getting this set: 10220 is priced at $119.99.

For you European fans, you’ll have to wait four more days before you can order it. It’s scheduled to go on sale on September 27th.

Ace Kim | August 15th, 2011 | LEGO Volkswagen, News

Update: 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van Pricing Error


I got an email from Shop@Home earlier today asking to correct a mistake they had in their press release. The actual US price for 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van is $119.99, NOT $99.99 as previously reported. The pricing error is for the US price only; all other market prices are unchanged.

The Bad News: The price just went up by $20 bucks.

The Good News: It’s the same great model.

I admit, the price is a little harder to swallow but if I had to choose this or picking up the fourth Falcon, I’d easily pick the Camper Van. Besides, what else am I gonna surprise my wife with this Christmas?

Thanks to forum member Arkov for the reminder.

Ace Kim | August 13th, 2011 | LEGO Volkswagen, News

Official Announcement: 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van


LEGO Shop@Home sent out assets and an official press release for their upcoming exclusive, 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van. It looks like a great companion set to their 10187 Volkswagen Beetle set from a few years back, even if they’re not the same scale. Priced at $99.99, the T1 has 1,322 pieces and will be available for sale beginning of October 2011. Oh, how I wish it was available this Tuesday. Full press release below after more pictures and their making-of video.

Untitled-1 10220_1to1 10220_back001 10220_back002 10220_back003 10220_back004 10220_back005 10220_back006 10220_front003 10220_front004 10220_side001 10220_side002

10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van

Ages 16+. 1,322 pieces.

US $99.99 CA $129.99 DE 99.99 € UK 79.99 £ DK 799 DKK

This authentic camper van is a replica of the classic Volkswagen Camper Van from 1962. Every iconic feature is here! On the outside, the terrific detailing includes ‘V’ shape three-way color split at the front, rounded roof and window frames, opening ‘splittie’ safari windshield, opening doors, iconic pop-up roof with textile curtain surround, roof rack, rear side air intake vents and lots more! The detailing is equally impressive on the inside, from the authentic VW air-cooled flat four cylinder boxer engine, front cabin bench seat, gear stick, angled dashboard and iconic spherical speedometer, to custom LEGO® features like folding rear bench seat, folding dinette table, closet with mirror and even a painting!
• Features 11 windows, authentic plaid-print textile curtains and wing mirror!
• Rear door opens to reveal detailed engine!
• Interior also features rear bench seat that transforms into a bed, ‘Make LEGO Models, Not War’ T-shirt and rear shelf with plant!
• Measures 11.8″ (30cm) long and 5.5″ (14cm) high!

Available for sale directly through LEGO® beginning
October 2011 via, LEGO® Stores or via phone:

US Contact Center 1-800-453-4652
CA (English) Contact Center 1-800-453-4652
CA (French) Contact Center 1-877-518-5346
European Contact Center 00-800-5346-1111

Ace Kim | July 6th, 2011 | LEGO, News

New 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van


Captain Eugene spotted the above set in the latest LEGO Collector Guide. It looks like an awesome complement to the VW Beetle (10187) released a few years ago. Weighing in at 1,332 elements, here’s hoping it’ll cost around $99. Too bad they couldn’t fit in 5 more pieces.

Thanks to Draykov for the heads up, and Captain Eugene for the discovery.