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Staff Review:

Selling to kids is a lot different than selling to adults. There's a limited window for that customer, where they are coming in and leaving the market. At the same time, there are new kids coming in right behind that customer, looking to pick up the hobby. That means that re-releasing a set every few years is trying to make sure that the new batch of kids can find something recognizable to purchase... and regardless of how we feel about those prequel movies or cartoons, they are more popular with kids than they were with the adults that grew up with the original movies. Of course, all of that being said... there has got to be some more popular stuff to release than Stumbles McSpiderwalker here, last seen in the 2013 set of the same name, 75016 Homing Spider Droid, which it feels like I just reviewed a couple of months...(read more)

User Comments:

  • Drock writes:
    Pros: Lots of good minifigures for the price. They are great, and to get Luke, Ben, R2, 3PO, and a Stormtrooper with black pauldron and backpack in a $25 set is outstanding.

    Cons: Not many pieces for the price.

    Comments: It's been awhile since a Landspeeder has been around. I've been collecting since '07 and this is the first one that I've been able to get. The design is pretty good and simple. I can see why kids would love this set. Some of the minifigs can only be found in other, more expensive sets.

  • meeotch writes:
    Pros: Best official Landspeeder incarnation, best set in its wave

    Cons: Hard to find, I'm not sold on the way the stripped down engine was made

    Comments: I thought that the set was beautiful. Since I didn't have any of the earlier Landspeeders, this filled a hole in my collection, and upon comparison to the others, I definitely feel that this captures a nearly perfect balance between being "LEGO-y" and accurate. My one gripe is with the port nacelle, and think it looks much better by simply removing the dish affixed to the front. The minifigs push this set out of the spendy category and into the good-value category, especially considering the current pricing trends with LEGO on the whole and licensed themes in particular.

  • ted @ndes writes:
    Pros:5 minifigs (and of desirable SW characters), diverse parts, lots of tan/red

    Cons:License pricing/part ratio, exsessive exposed studs in build

    Comments:For the parts you do get in this set, there is a really good variety IMO; grilled cheese, dark red tiles/slopes/cheese, tubes, dishes, 4 saber handles, curved windscreen, wall tiles, boat tiles, engines, etc. Those parts, in those colors, have just filled a lot of gaps for me... Despite the potential for more "value" in an unlicensed set (like Pharaohs Quest ), the variety in the 8092 landspeeder set is what scratched my immediate parts itch... and for a licensed SW set, that surprised me a bit. On the build itself, I guess I'm a bit biased towards the smooth/tiled surfaces I see in MOC's all the time. Would have been nice to have a smoother top surface, but I undertand the existing part limitations (and definitely not asking for another BURP-type pannel out of TLG)

  • doodlebird writes:
    Pros: 5+ figs, quick and easy build. great looking. nice play value with the necessary figs for a quick game of "these are not the droids..."

    Cons: none at this price point, except perhaps as noted before, the large amount of Danish air. mmmm... Danish.

    Comments: do the math however you like...if you want to put the price of a fig at $3 (CMFs are $2.99, build a fig in store is $10 for 3) then the figs alone are $15. $10 for a speeder is nice. OR battle packs are half this price with only four figures + a dinky mini-vehicle of some sort. so for $12 extra you get another minifig + IMO the best of the 3 landspeeders so far. the flex tube (also in the 4501 version) is nice, but it's the curved windscreen that takes it over the top. the trooper's pack & pauldron are a nice touch too.

  • Andi writes:
    Pros: Cheap way to get some of the main characters of the OT in flesh/new color schemes

    Cons: There is something about the Landspeeder what I don't like. I can't say what, though.

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