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Well, it's been a couple of years since I spammed your feed daily with tiny plastic effigies of your favourite Star Warsian thingamabobs and Wassisname McScenefiller's, but Ace has a way of making you do things. I'm not saying he has a tendency to wear a lot of purple or talk with an accent, but he can be very... persuasive. However it happened, I'm back baby. So ready yourself as best as you can. Do you need a minute? I'll wait... Alright, let's do this! Day 1 - Jabba's Sail Barge Ever so slowly, the brown turd has crept up in these calendars and this year it leads the pack. Go turd! This captures the general shape and colour scheme about as well as the most recent one did, so that's a meh for me. I found it odd that they chose to use a grey tile, matching the first barge instead of...(read more)

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