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4194 Whitecap Bay

Staff Review:

Remember when I said in my review of the Queen Anne's Revenge that I always tried to make sure my reviews were prompt and timely? Yeah, I'm not even going to pretend I was going for that here. Ace has been asking me to get this done for months and months, and I haven't. After seeing Pirates sets on clearance at one of the local Walmart's, though, I figured maybe it was time to cover the last set we haven't reviewed. So, here we are, the last set in the lineup of reviews from the PotC line. I'll admit, I've been pretty harsh on the other sets in the series; in part because most of them just stunk, but in other parts because they didn't capture either the history of the Pirates line in LEGO or the PotC franchise. Most felt like glorified battle packs, and some didn't even manage to...(read more)

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