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4191 The Captain's Cabin

Staff Review:

The cheapest set in the Pirates Line, the $12 captain's cabin, on its surface, seems to be a great deal. Three minifigures, two of the new wine bottles, and a rather awesome globe. Is this the new "must have" set, or a glorified battle pack with some parts you'll never keep together? The set gives us Captain Jack Sparrow, just like every other PotC set, and two called henchmen, most likely from Blackbeard's crew. It's the same Jack Sparrow that's in 4192 - Fountain of Youth, and has a switchable head for a more shocked look. Both of the henchmen are okay, but their zombie-fied faces make it so there's limited use in them in other mocs. One does feature a shoulder scabbard though, which is nice. But since their skin tones are unique, you can't easily vary them to make up different henchmen, short of swapping hair pieces. I love that...(read more)

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