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4181 Isla De Muerta

Staff Review:

The first of two $20 sets, Isla de la Muerta is a familiar scene from the first Pirates movie. Like the majority of the line, it's a scene/playset, and it focuses on the figures more than anything. We get four in the set: Jack Sparrow with "undead" face, Living Barbossa, Skeleton Barbossa, and Elizabeth Swann. Conspicuously absent is Legalos... I mean, Will Turner. I'll admit that it's been a bit since I've seen this movie, given that I can't help but watch it without the travesty that is the sequel coming to mind, but I do seem to remember he was rather important to this particular scene. Or, the whole point of it. In fact, he was a rather important part of the first movie. Captain Jack appears in every Pirates set, though there are variations in most of them. I get that he's really what makes the whole series, but it's...(read more)

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