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Nick Martin | January 4th, 2016 | LEGO Star Wars, Reviews, Star Wars, The Force Awakens

Review: 75131 Resistance Trooper Battle Pack

75131 Resistnace Trooper Battle Pack Full Set

Even before the 2016 sets leaked, we knew there were going to be Battle Packs for the First Order and the Resistance. LEGO isn’t dumb, so of course they’d get sets based around two factions for the biggest movie… well, ever at this point. Once we saw the leaks, I think we all kind of laughed at the helmets of the resistance fighters. We hadn’t really seen them in any of the trailers at this point, but also wouldn’t get the sets until after the movie was released.

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Battle Packs, so of course I was going to review 75131 Resistance Trooper Battle Pack. I’ve also been somewhat disappointed in the packs for the last few years, unfortunately. We’ve gotten some decent army builder packs, like Geonosis Troopers or Kashyyyk Troopers, but they only enticed you to buy multiples if you wanted to build up armies that are somewhat niche.

At 112 pieces, and the standard $12.99 price tag, while coming with three generic troopers and an officer, this set has all the earmarks of a pretty good set out of the gate. It also feels like kind of a throwback to one of the best battle packs LEGO ever made, 7668 Rebel Scout Speeder, both with the speeder and the rediculous headgear.

Also, just a warning, there will be discussion about The Force Awakens in this review, so this is your spoiler warning.

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Don | January 3rd, 2016 | Contests

Star Wars: Evolved Contest Update – Two Weeks Left!

Poster B
We’re now 3/4 the way through the build window as the clock passes midnight, leaving you with just two weeks to wrap up and post your Evolved MOCs. There are already a handful revealed and I know plenty more are in the works so the competition should be pretty fierce when it’s time for the poll. The deadline as said before is 11:59PM PST January 16th 2016 and you must have it properly submitted to the contest thread to qualify, so don’t procrastinate too much. Good luck and happy building in the new year!

Ace Kim | January 2nd, 2016 | LEGO Dimensions, Sales News

The LEGO Dimensions Price Wars Continues: Amazon Matches GameStop’s 50% Discount On Fun Packs

So it seems that GameStop online put a selection of their Fun Packs on sale for half off. Yeah, you heard me: half off! In typical Amazon response, they also put the same Fun Packs on sale.

There are a couple of catches with Amazon you should be aware of though. Firstly, they eliminated the $5 discount they were offering earlier this week on Fun Packs (for the record, the $10 discount on Team and Level packs still applies but it is unknown for how much longer). Secondly, there are two packs on GameStop that are half off that Amazon is not reflecting: Ninjago Nya and Zane packs. And lastly, most of the sets are temporarily out of stock and are only available to Prime members.

GameStop has a free shipping coupon code SAVER for in-stock orders of $25 or more. It’s kind of cost prohibitive if you’re only looking to get a few, and plus it only applies to in-stock items. And the price goes back up to normal MSRP if you want to pay online and pick up in store. Useful if you want to pick up a bunch of sets and/or you’re a Power Rewards member. Amazon is the better deal as they offer free shipping with no minimum for both in-stock and pre-order items assuming you’re a Prime members.

I’m not sure what any of this means. The few people I’ve talked to about all of these sales and deals seem to think that Dimensions is NOT doing as well as LEGO and WBIE hoped it would do. I always defended the game and theorized that the toys-to-life category is a hotly contested and that Dimensions is doing what they can to capture marketshare. But now I’m not so sure. I have no numbers to back up my theory and I don’t play any other games, so I am completely ignorant as to whether or not the other games are as aggressive with the sales as LEGO Dimensions has been. There are still a few more waves of sets and levels that are coming out later this year with the last wave of Fun Packs set for May 31, 2016. We’ll have to wait until maybe E3 of this year to see what else they have planned for the game.

Here’s a complete list of Fun Packs that are on sale for just $7.49 each with links to both Amazon and GameStop:

January 2016 Assortment Now On Sale, Including LEGO Ghostbusters 75827 Firehouse Headquarters


It’s a new year for the east cost and it’s time to spend all those gift cards you’ve received over the holidays. There are 95 brand new items spread over 14 themes. A complete list of everything shiny and new is below. I had meant to post prices and pictures but the day ran away from me and I didn’t have time to get around to it. I’ve included links to both Amazon and LEGO Shop@Home for your browsing pleasure. Most links to Amazon are still set to pre-order but will begin shipping tomorrow January 1, 2016.

Included in this wave is the hotly anticipated LEGO Ghostbusters 75827 Firehouse Headquarters and the neweist modular building, LEGO Creator 10251 Brick Bank. You can read up on our review of the 75827 Firehouse Headquarters to see if it’s worth spending your holiday money on. The Star Wars selection is pretty weak; that is, unless you’re into the constraction figures then the selection is pretty AWESOME. There are 6 new constraction figures all of which are based on The Force Awakens. In fact, this entire wave is based on the new movie. We’ll have to wait until summer to get our hands on Ugnaughts.

View the January 2016 assortment.

Ace Kim | December 31st, 2015 | LEGO Super Heroes, Marvel Comics, Sales News

Amazon Offers A 25% Discount On New 76037 Rhino and Sandman Super Villain Team-Up

“Newish” anyway. Like the title says, Amazon is offering a nice 25% discount on 76037 Rhino and Sandman Super Villain Team-Up. It is now just $29.99, down from $39.99 MSRP. It didn’t fare so well in our review, only earning a 2 out of 5 stars, but if you’re Spidey fan, this is a set that can’t be missed. It comes with Iron Spider! It also comes with rainboots Spider-Man, Sandman, and Rhino.

Ace Kim | December 29th, 2015 | News, The LEGO Movie

Everything Is Awesome In 4k Ultra HD

Warner Bros. announced today the first four titles that will be made in Ultra HD Blu-ray format to meet market demand for 4k content. Those titles are Mad Max: Fury Road, San Andreas, The Lego Movie, and Pan. The 4k market is still in its infancy with 4k-capable televisions now becoming somewhat affordable. According to the press release, Ultra HD Blu-ray players will be widely available for consumers in early 2016 and Warner Bros will have over 35 titles in Ultra HD by the end of 2016.

Read the press release.

Ace Kim | December 28th, 2015 | News

Last Days For Star Wars Experience On Waze


Last “day” technically but I wanted it to rhyme with Waze. I was told that the Star Wars experience on Waze is set to expire today. Which is a little puzzling since it would make more sense to have it end at the end of the month. Despite not initially knowing how to enable the Star Wars themed goodies, I’ve had a great time with it. I took the screen cap above the other day when I was headed over to a family gathering. We left a bit early and the wife didn’t mind me going around and collecting BB-8 and R2-D2 for some extra points. Lucky for me every goodie were all the same area. I wish this was a permanent voice and that it included street names but all good things must come to an end I suppose. If today is the last day, go try it out. It doesn’t cost you a thing. I’ll be using it one last time on my trip to see TFA for the third time. Oh yes.

Ace Kim | December 28th, 2015 | LEGO Dimensions, Sales News

Amazon Offers $5 Discount Per Dimensions Fun Pack, $10 Per Level, Team Packs, Including Pre-orders

Update: Amazon is also offering a $10 discount on all Level and Team packs as well, including pre-orders. Team packs are now just $14.99, 40% off of MSRP, and Level Packs are just $19.99, 33% off of MSRP, when shipped and sold by Amazon. Discount is automatically applied for each Fun, Team, and Level Packs at checkout.

Amazon is currently having a LEGO Dimensions Fun Pack promotion. Take $5 off each Fun Pack ordered that is shipped and sold by This includes pre-orders for upcoming packs as well as packs that are already on sale such as Unikitty, Wicked Witch, and Eris. Those last three are currently $11.88 and with the promotion they drop down to just $6.88 before any tax or shipping. MSRP for Fun Packs are $14.99 so this $5 offer is the same as getting a 33% discount. Again, this works on upcoming sets that will be released next year such as Ghostbusters Stay Puft and the Doctor Who Cyberman Fun Packs.

Ace Kim | December 25th, 2015 | LEGO, Sales News

LEGO Shop@Home Post-Christmas Sale Now Live

Just throwing this reminder out there that the post-Christmas sale is now live over at LEGO Shop@Home. The sale prices and additional discounted items are also available at Brand Retail locations. For a complete list of items, check two posts down.

You know where I’ll be at tomorrow…

Ace Kim | December 24th, 2015 | LEGO Ideas, Sales News

Amazon Sells 21109 Exo Suit For Almost 30% Off

Amazon is applying a nice 29% discount to Peter Reid’s Ideas set 21109 Exo Suit. The price is now just $24.99 down from $34.99. They are price-matching Target’s deal for the same set. Not only is it an amazing set once you build it, but it is an awesome parts pack as well. I’m guessing the low price is to move inventory to make way for some 2016 product. This is the lowest price this set has seen so pick one up with all that holiday money you got if you haven’t gotten one or three already.