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Ace Kim| April 28th, 2017 | LEGO Super Heroes, Marvel Comics, Sales News

Amazon Discounts Spider-Man Bridge Battle By Almost 40%


Amazon is applying a pretty hefty discount to 76057 Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle, 38% off to be exact. The current sale price is just $61.99, down from $99.99 MSRP. This is one of the lowest prices we’ve seen for this set, and at that price, you should get two and make a complete bridge.

Ace Kim| April 28th, 2017 | LEGO Star Wars, Sales News

Some Details For [email protected]’s May The Fourth Sale Revealed

buildable r2-d2

I received a mailer in my mailbox today from LEGO [email protected] detailing the upcoming May the 4th sale. The most exciting thing about the sale is the above-pictured buildable R2-D2 figure. That thing of beauty is free with a $50 purchase of LEGO Star Wars items while supplies last, natch, and I’m guessing that supplies won’t last very long.

You’ll also get double VIP points on all LEGO Star Wars items you purchase during the sale from May 4th through May 7th. Although the mailer doesn’t specify the exact sets, it does say that select LEGO Star Wars items will be on sale. We will be posting any details as soon as we learn more.


And lastly, the gorgeous new UCS set 75144 Snowspeeder officially goes on sale on May 4th. The 1700+ piece set comes with two minifigs and improves upon the original’s design in many ways. The price is $199.99.

Stay tuned for more sales news the closer we get to the date and FBTB thanks you for your support.

Ace Kim| April 28th, 2017 | LEGO Ideas, News

LEGO Ideas Reveals 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V Set

21309_Assets package fullmodel

Yes, she is a big one.

Standing at just over 1m tall (that’s a little over 3 feet for us yanks), LEGO Ideas newest entry from their crowd-sourced platform is 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V. Designed by saabfan, the project reached the minimum 10,000 supporters way back in November of 2015 and was revealed as an official set back in June of 2016. Now, a year after that reveal, you’ll finally be able to purchase the Apollo Saturn V set starting on June 1, 2017. The set includes 1,969 pieces and will set you back just $119.99 USD. Call me crazy but that seems dirt cheap. The number 1969 is also significant in that it was the year of the first moon landing. I may not be a smart man but I’m thinking that is more than just a coincidence.

Some details that I geeked out over:

– The rocket includes separate display stands so that all three stages of the rocket can be displayed horizontally simultaneously.
– The lunar lander actually fits inside the Apollo spacecraft.
– Three astronaut microfigs are included.

You can read the full press release below after the picture dump.

21309_Assets package fullmodel 21309_Back 21309_Front_02
21309_Assets package on pillars
21309_Box1_V39 21309_Box5_V39
21309_Back_09 21309_Assets package space capsules_ splashdown 21309_Front_01 21309_Assets package space capsules_ Lander

21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V

Available June 1, 2017.
Ages 14+. 1,969 pieces.

Build the first rocket to land people on the Moon!

Display and role-play with this majestic meter-high LEGO® brick model of the NASA Apollo Saturn V. Packed with authentic details, it features 3 removable rocket stages, including the S-IVB third stage with the lunar lander and lunar orbiter. The set also includes 3 stands to display the model horizontally, 3 new-for-June-2017 astronaut microfigures for role-play recreations of the Moon landings, plus a booklet about the manned Apollo missions and the fan designers of this educational and inspirational LEGO Ideas set.

• Features a meter-high (approximately 1:110 scale) model of the NASA Apollo Saturn V with a removable S-IC first rocket stage with main rocket engine details, removable S-II second rocket stage with rocket engine details, removable S-IVB third rocket stage with the Apollo spacecraft and rescue rocket at top of the whole spacecraft, plus 3 stands to display the model horizontally.
• The Apollo spacecraft features the lunar lander and the lunar orbiter.
• Also includes 3 new-for-June-2017 astronaut microfigures.
• Great for display and role-playing the manned Apollo Moon missions.
• Includes a booklet about the manned Apollo Moon missions and the fan designers of this set.
• This set includes over 1,900 pieces.
• Measures over 39″ (100cm) high and 6” (17cm) in diameter.

Ace Kim| April 28th, 2017 | LEGO Disney, News

LEGO Reveals Cars 3 Juniors Sets

10744 Thunder Hollow Crazy 8 Race - 01

Along with the DUPLO sets, LEGO is also revealing a bevy of Juniors sets as part of the Cars 3 merch onslaught. While there may not be any official System level sets, this is as close as it’s going to get. But that’s just fine with me. Normally, the sets in the Juniors line feature easier builds and fewer piece counts than System sets but this actually works in the Cars 3 line’s favor. The scenery you build is essentially background noise and it allows the real stars of the sets to shine through: the cast of characters. The vehicle builds have not changed since the first series of Cars sets, so they will fit right alongside those vehicles. The smaller builds also reduces the chances that LEGO will repeat the mistakes of the past and make sets that are wholly inaccurate to the source material. So yes, I’m actually looking forward to these sets to complete my Cars universe. The most expensive set weighs in at $34.99 so collecting the series won’t break the bank. Thank you, LEGO!

Set names, prices, pictures, and product descriptions are below the fold.

Full article »

Ace Kim| April 27th, 2017 | LEGO Disney

LEGO Reveals Cars 3 DUPLO Sets


Following the reveal of the Cars 3 trailer, LEGO has revealed images for the upcoming DUPLO sets based on the film. Descriptions, piece count, price and other details are below for each set. Look for these sets to hit store shelves on May 1st.

Full article »

Ace Kim| April 27th, 2017 | LEGO, News

LEGO Reveals 10257 Carousel


LEGO reveals their newest Creator set in their unofficial fairgrounds line, 10257 Carousel. Boasting an impressive piece count of 2,670, 10257 Carousel will cost you $199 USD and will be available starting on June 1. I missed out in the very first carousel set, 10196 Grand Carousel, so I am glad they are releasing another one. And while this one is smaller with less pieces than its predecessor, it won’t cost me an arm, a leg, and a kidney to get it, just an arm.

More pictures, the designer video, and the official press release below the fold.

The Fold

Ace Kim| April 26th, 2017 | LEGO Disney

Disney Pixar Releases New Cars 3 Trailer

Cars 3 will be in theaters on June 16, 2017. I am hoping this movie will redeem the series after that steaming pile known as Cars 2 was. The story seems to be refocused back onto the main protagonist from the first film, Lightning McQueen, so it’s got that going for it, which is nice. But the realism seen in the teaser trailer is gone, perhaps maybe it was from a dream sequence. In any case, I’ll be taking my kids to see this one.

Don| April 26th, 2017 | Contests, LEGO Star Wars

Micro/Midis Contest

contestbannerIt’s been a while since our last contest, and with Star Wars Days coming up we thought it a good time to get the ball rolling again. The challenge is pretty simple, so to make it interesting we’ve split it into two categories – basically two smaller contests run simultaneously and you’re welcome to enter either or both. Expand the post or check out the forum thread for full details, deadlines, and prizes.

Full article »

Ace Kim| April 17th, 2017 | LEGO Star Wars, News

Registration Open For Star Wars Days, Themes Announced


Registration is now open for Star Wars days! I’ll be revealing the goody bags soon as soon as a few other items are confirmed but you should register yourself as soon as possible. We will be capping registrations once it gets too full so the sooner you’re in, the better.

We are also announcing the themes! There are five different themes you can build towards:

Rogue One Vignettes

Build a scene from the latest movie on a square base of 16×16 studs with minimal overhang. These will be arranged chronologically to hopefully show off the whole movie in vig format, as we’ve done in previous years for other films.

A New Hope

2017 marks the 40th anniversary of the film that started it all. Build anything you’d like relating to episode 4 before it was episode 4. Vignettes, full scenes, starfighters, mosaics… everything is welcome.


Microfighters are those little ride-on ships Lego has come out with in recent years. Sort of chibi-fied looking with minifig pilots. Midi-scale is a nebulous size range that’s bigger than micro-scale, but smaller than minifig scale. Check out official sets 8099 and 7778 for the general idea and this hangar scene by Sparkart from a few years ago.

Battle Beasts

We’re bringing back this old project: Battle Tauntauns! But not just Tauntauns, any beasts (Wampas, Rancors, Dewbacks, etc). Think Dino-Riders meets Star Wars.

General Star Wars MOCs

Everything else that doesn’t fit in those categories above is covered by this, but be sure it’s related to Star Wars seeing as this is a Star Wars specific event.

Ace Kim| April 14th, 2017 | LEGO Star Wars, News

Second Chance To Retweet And Win Detention Block Rescue

Today’s the Day 2 of Star Wars Celebration, which means it’s another chance to retweet and win the Celebration LEGO exclusive set, Detention Block Rescue. For record, FBTB is not the ones giving the set away, it’s the LEGO Group. Retweet the above tweet to enter.