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Nick Martin | January 19th, 2016 | DC Universe, LEGO Super Heroes, Reviews

Review: 76044 Clash of the Heroes

76044 Clash of Heroes Full Set

Before we get into a review of 76044 Clash of the Heroes, the $12.99 set for Batman vs. Superman… I need to be honest: I am not at all excited about this movie. It’s not Affleck hate… I actually like him as an actor and think he can do a decent job with the character. It’s not that I didn’t like the Man of Steel sets (I didn’t), or didn’t like the movie (it was okay). The comic of the same name is actually pretty awesome, so it would be cool if it hit the big screen.

Sadly, the first trailer dashed any of those hopes. That trailer is the whole reason I’m at best indifferent, and at most, aggravated, by the movie. They could have stuck to the whole two heroes fighting angle and then had the biggest surprise in a superhero movie to date, but had to wrap up the trailer and spoil the whole bloody thing. I know, I just recently ranted about spoilers, but I also said there were times where it was valid. Unless they’re pulling the ultimate fake out and they actually cast Jesse Eisenberg as Mister Mxyzptlk… they gave away absolutely everything of consequence in that trailer. More than that, they basically took the over-the-top violence of Man of Steel, which was the biggest criticism, made it a central plot-point for the conflict while turning it up to 11.

First impressions are pretty important in a set… and let’s just say that the 92 parts in this set, followed by the two DC minifigs that I know are the central characters in the movie but are seemingly in every single set that gets made. It’s inexpensive, but there are a whole lot of sets in the same price range that deliver a lot of value that’s not apparent right away here. I’d warn about spoilers, but given that the movie isn’t out yet and the trailer already spoiled everything… what’s the point?

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Don | January 17th, 2016 | Contests, LEGO Star Wars

Star Wars: Evolved Contest Poll And Gallery Ready

Poster B
The deadline has come and gone as of midnight last night, and we wound up with total of 78 qualifying entries. The Y-Wing got the most love with 17 variations but there are about two dozen different ships represented and a lot of fan favorites have multiple different takes to compare. The poll is live in the forum so if you have an active account you can sign in and vote here. You get seven votes to spread around and a week to decide, so take your time and be sure to check out all the amazing submissions. You can see them all in the gallery below:

Ace Kim | January 15th, 2016 | LEGO Super Heroes, Marvel Comics

More Civil War Set Pics

76051 Super Hero Airport Battle - 3

These pictures come courtesy of TAG Hobby. They posted pictures of sets based on the next chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Captain America: Civil War. There is one huge spoiler in these set images so if you haven’t seen them yet, it would be best not to click through. And in case you’re wondering, the Winter Soldier minifig is completely different from last year’s Shop@Home promo figure. Speculators, you can now breathe a sigh of relief.

Turn off spoiler warning.

Nick Martin | January 13th, 2016 | LEGO Super Heroes, Marvel Comics, Reviews

Review: 76030 Avengers Hydra Showdown

76030 Duel with Hydra Full Set

Okay, first things first… I know that the tires on the buggy are wrong in some of the pictures. I’m not sure if I put them on, or if my daughter switched the tires while playing with this (at least one of us enjoyed the thing)… but at some point, they got messed up. Such are the trials of trying to share your hobby with a LFOL (Little Fan of LEGO, a term I expect to never catch on) who also happens to be so very, very, three years old.

I’ve been intending to review 76030 Avengers Hydra Showdown for awhile, it just kept getting pushed back. I know the set is a bit older at this point, but still one of the cheapest in the Super Heroes line with the stuff that was released in 2006. It’s unique for being the only Age of Ultron set without any versions of Ultron, which isn’t that terrible of a thing, yet at the same time, basically being a rip-off of the SHIELD truck we got with the first avengers line.

At 220 piece and only $19.99, the set hits a price/parts that’s pretty rare in… well, anything. It’s also the only set that’s not a Helicarrier that includes Hawkeye, and one of two with Thor. I’d like to get all worked up how Hawkeye gets left out, much like Black Widow gets locked into single sets (and the Helicarrier)… but getting shafted is sort of Hawkeye’s thing. Though, to be fair, movie Hawkeye isn’t the prepetual train wreck that comic Hawkeye is. That’s kind of a shame, actually, because comic Hawkeye is a pretty interesting character, and I would love to see Kate Bishop enter the MCU lexicon. Looking at you, Agents of SHIELD…

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Ace Kim | January 12th, 2016 | DC Universe, LEGO Super Heroes, News

LEGO Officially Reveals 76052 Batman Classic TV Series – Batcave

76052_Box2_na a

Following the heels of the facebook leak last week, LEGO has officially pulled the curtains aside on their newest D2C set: 76052 Batman Classic TV Series – Batcave. Based on the pictures and video, they seemed to have captured every campy bit anyone can remember. The minifig selection is nearly perfect with Mr. Freeze being the only missing villain. Commissioner Gordon and Batgirl are also no shows as well. Alfred could almost pass as a Stan Lee truth be told. Hot pink suit Joker. Julie Newmar Catwoman. Oh my. We’re not even halfway through January and I’m already feeling poor. Comes out on March 1 for $269.99 USD/$329.99 CAD. I need to go sit down.

View the rest of the images, Designer Video, and official press release.

Ace Kim | January 11th, 2016 | LEGO Speed Champions, News

Ford Announces Partnership with LEGO, New Speed Champions Sets Due In March


The below tweet came out of Ford’s Twitter account a few hours ago officially announcing their partnership with LEGO and their LEGO Speed Champions line. At the end of the video you get to see the three sets to come from the license: a blue Mustang, the Hot Rod that is featured in the video, and an F-series truck that looks an awful like a lifted F-150 Raptor. If a navy blue with white stripes Ford GT in the scale and size of the other large Creator cars is ever made, I might just die.

Ace Kim | January 11th, 2016 | LEGO Angry Birds, News

Wired Reveals LEGO Angry Birds Sets


These were probably leaked before but I wasn’t really paying much attention. I got a news alert today, though, that posted an article exposing the LEGO Angry Birds sets. The “minifigirues”, if you can even call them that, stray drastically from the form we are used to. The only familiar part of a minifig would be the arms on the pigs. Oh, sorry, “piggies”. The arms on the birds seem to be a new one-part piece that combines the claw hand and arm removing the wrist articulation, much like the minidolls in Friends but not so spindly.

I can’t be the only one that thinks this is a bad idea.

The Angry Birds movie will be released in theaters on May 20th, 2016. Look for the sets on shelves starting April 1st.

via Wired

Angry_Lego_1 Angry_Lego_2 Angry_Lego_3 Angry_Lego_4 Angry_Lego_5 Angry_Lego_6 Angry_Lego_7 Angry_Lego_8
Don | January 10th, 2016 | Contests, LEGO Star Wars

One Week Left For Star Wars: Evolved Contest

Poster B
Real quick update to let everyone interested know that we’re down to the final stretch in our current contest. If you’re an ambitious builder and are just now hearing about this, a week might be all you need. For everyone with works in progress this is your last chance to wrap things up and submit. The deadline again is 11:59PM PST January 16th 2016 and you must have it properly submitted to the contest thread to qualify, and last minute entries run the risk of complications with no time to fix so don’t shoot for too much suspense.

Nick Martin | January 8th, 2016 | LEGO Star Wars, Reviews, Star Wars, The Force Awakens

Review: 75105 Millennium Falcon

75105 Millennium Falcon Full Set

There probably isn’t a more iconic ship in Star Wars than the Millennium Falcon, at least not a unique one. X-Wings and TIE Fighters certainly are iconic in their own right, and Slave I is recognizable to fans… but the Falcon is the ship that just about anyone recognizes as Star Wars. It serves as a backdrop for scenes in four Star Wars movies, including some pretty important character development (and the best line in all seven movies, but we can discuss that later in committee).

It’s a great ship in the movies, but honestly, the minifig versions have always suffered worse than some of the other vehicles. It’s almost always too small, and play features throw off the proportions and look of the ship. The most iconic things around the ship are usually hard to set up in a display. The pervious version also had what is perhaps the worst lower half of any vehicle ever made.

Originally, I wasn’t planning on getting, or reviewing, 75101 Millennium Falcon.  I knew Finn would be coming in a future set, Chewie wasn’t changed, and I had Rey from the fantastic Speeder set. The real draw to the set was Han, and the pirates that were unique colors, but that didn’t seem to justify a $149.99 price tag for 1329 pieces. Yet after seeing the Force Awakens, I knew I had to have absolutely every set there was, and this was no exception. Obviously, going to talk about some spoilers in this review, likely more than the rest.

So… spoilers.

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Ace Kim | January 7th, 2016 | LEGO Star Wars, MOC Spotlight

DanSto Posts Instructions For His BB-8 MOC

BB8 (mid-size)

We’ve featured DanSto’s LEGO BB-8 model before, and now he’s done us all a huge solid by providing step-by-step instructions on how you can build one yourself. The instructions are in video format below but if you’re looking for a printed copy, you’ll have to purchase BrickJournal 37 for that, which also comes with a handy parts list.