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Ace Kim | June 22nd, 2015 | News

[SDCC] Collider Reveals LEGO DC Super Heroes San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Set

Collider just posted their exclusive reveal of the LEGO DC Super Heroes Comic Con exclusive set. It is a diorama recreating the historic cover of Action Comics #1 where Superman was introduced to the world. The Superman minifig itself looks like a regular run-of-the-mill Superman minifig. How cool would it have been if they had him in the suit depicted on the cover?:

Way cool. But it probably would piss off a lot of collectors. At least with this set you’re not missing out on an exclusive minifigure if you can’t go to the show or are unlucky and couldn’t get one. And you can probably just bricklink the parts needed to recreate the whole scene if you wished so really all it comes down to is packaging and whether or not you’re a mint-in-box collector.

Want to know how to get one? This should answer most of your questions.

Thanks go out to my comic con peeps who always have my back. Much love.

Ace Kim | June 22nd, 2015 | LEGO Star Wars, Sales News

Amazon Discounts 75106 Imperial Assault Carrier

Amazon is discounting the newly-released 75106 Imperial Assault Carrier by 20%. The final asking price is $104.23 down from its MSRP of $129.99. It is the flagship set of the initial Rebels-based wave of sets. Comes with 4 mini TIE fighters that it carries on its belly which can be launched with a push of a plunger. We recorded a short video showing off some of the features of the set back in February.

Nick Martin | June 20th, 2015 | News

Rebels Season 2 kicks off tonight (kind of) with The Siege of Lothal


Sometimes, when you mess with the bull, you get the horns. It’s advice our plucky little Rebels should probably have taken to heart in order to avoid bringing some Sith Lord down on their head. At the end of last season, we saw half of our bad guys end up dead, our good guys introduced to the Rebel Alliance proper, and a couple of big bombshells dropped in the for of AhsokaTano being fulcrum, the secret source for Hera and the Lothal cell…

… and the replacement for The Inquisitor, who felt that death was the better of the two options when compared with something, everyone’s favorite Sith Lord, Darth Vader. There is a whole lot going right as Season 2 kicks off tonight at 9 PM EST on Disney XD, not the least of which is that Darth Vader in the cartoon will be voiced by James Earl Jones. He’s been featured in a couple of the early teasers, featured below.

Unfortunately, this is mostly like an appetizer that’s not going to last until the main course of more episodes is served up in the fall. If you haven’t watched the cartoon, you should, it’s pretty good. Disney is obviously playing the long game leading up to Episode VII this fall. I’m especially curious if they’re going to work in some of the stuff we’ve seen in the comics (which are treated equally with shows and movies in the new canon)… cause that can have some interesting implications with Vader.

Nick Martin | June 20th, 2015 | LEGO Jurassic World, Reviews

Review: 75918 T. Rex Tracker

75918 Full Set

Before we started this madness of doing a Jurassic World review every day following the release of the movie, I’d only intended to do the two reviews for 75916 Dilophosaurus Ambush and 75920 Raptor Chase. Those two sets had some specific things I was wanting, like headlights and some diverse minfigs. The rest of the line sat pretty firmly in my “maybe when it’s on sale” list. While I really like dinosaurs (I mean, how can you not), it’s pretty rare that I’d use them in anything I typically build. That means that these parts are cool, but they would mostly gather dust in my collection (a tradition on raptors dating all the way back to Dino Attack).

More than that, trying to review 75918 T. Rex Tracker wasn’t really in my sights at all since the set wasn’t one to grab you when you glanced at it. Sure, the T. rex is cool, but otherwise, what did it have other than another truck in a line with a whole bunch of trucks. I’ll admit, I didn’t look too closely at the set until Ace asked me to pick up this review, otherwise I may have noticed that the worlds most dangerous Animal Control team was basically driving the illegitimate offspring of the Troop Carrier from Aliens and a NASA crawler. Or that one of the ACU minifigs was a nameless female character. Or that the pattern of bad decisions for the Jurassic World planners also included putting the most dangerous predator of all time into what looks like a fragile wooden cage.

While the raptors are probably the most iconic in the scope of Jurassic Park / Jurassic World… the T. rex is without a doubt the most iconic dinosaur, so it was going to be in a set even if it wasn’t in the film (though it certainly was in the film). We’ve had a few different T. rex models in the last few years, with two in Dino and now this one in the Jurassic World sets.

So, lots to think of when it comes to this set. This set has a pretty bad sticker shot compared to the rest that we’ve reviewed so far, at 520 pieces for a pretty-big $69.99 price tag. Course, that’s the same price as 480 piece 2012 5886 T-Rex Hunter set, which is the same model in very similar colors, so maybe we got an upgrade in parts despite the lack of a helicopter. Given the pretty ridiculous prices for the previous T. rex models, there may be a financial reason to consider this set…

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Ace Kim | June 20th, 2015 | LEGO Jurassic World, News

Reminder: Jurassic World Build-and-Take Event Today at TRU Stores

TRU Jurassic World Build

Just a reminder that today is the free build event at Toys’R’Us stores. You can build a mini version of the Jurassic World entry gate pictured above. The event runs from 12noon to 2pm or while supplies last. This event is for kids so don’t show up unless you bring your brood with you. Don’t be THAT guy now. 

Ryan "chief" Wood | June 19th, 2015 | LEGO Dimensions, News

[E3] LEGO Dimensions: Just Another LEGO Video Game But With A Twist

LEGO Dimensions Banner

My big question before checking out Dimensions at E3 was whether or not there’s room in my “fun budget” for another plastic addiction. I have a sizable LEGO parts collection taking up one room in my house, a Nerf collection occupying a closet in my bedroom, and two different toys-to-life collections growing on my family’s entertainment center.

My boys are just young enough to have missed out on the initial Skylanders craze, and early this year we started introducing them to console video games using Disney Infinity and Nintendo’s amiibo almost simultaneously. I was personally attracted to the idea of amiibo as a lifelong Nintendo diehard, but I also found the style of the Infinity figures appealing. My family picked up the Avengers playset on deep discount during Black Friday last Thanksgiving, and we cracked it open for one of the boys’ birthdays. We quickly found ourselves with all six of the MCU headlining Avengers figures, and I’m mulling over whether to add Falcon, Loki, and Nick Fury to the team. On the flip-side, I tentatively stepped into the amiibo craze with a purchase of a couple of figures timed to the release of the latest Super Smash Bros game, and even with a firm standing rule to never pay retail price for anything, I now find myself with 13 figures in hand and checking ebay, Amazon, and other online venues daily for hints of ways to get ahold of my other favorite fighters.

All this is to say that my family and I are by no means Infinity or amiibo completists, but we’ve spent a good chunk of fun money on “toys-to-life.” LEGO Dimensions had an uphill battle if it wanted a piece of the action.

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Ace Kim | June 19th, 2015 | LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Super Heroes, Marvel Comics, News

[SDCC] How To Get The LEGO Exclusives From San Diego Comic Con

Throne of Ultron Final

We’ve had a ton of information come out today regarding the giveaways happening at San Diego Comic Con. Here’s what you need to know.

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Ken Robichaud | June 19th, 2015 | Marvel Comics, News

[SDCC] First “All-New” Exclusive Minifigure Revealed


USA Today broke the news of the first exclusive minifigure and it’s Sam Wilson in his new role as Marvel’s All-New Captain America. He comes with the same terrible toupée as the Falcon in the Hulk Smash Lab set and I really wish they’d come up with a more… appropriate, hairpiece. He’ll no doubt be quite the headache for collectors and a real kink in my complete Cap minifig collection, but c’est la vie.


We’ll keep you up to speed as the other figures are revealed.

Ace Kim | June 18th, 2015 | LEGO Star Wars, News

[SDCC] Complex Reveals LEGO Star Wars Comic Con Exclusive Mini Dagobah Set

Today the fine folks at Complex were given the exclusive announcement showing off another one of LEGO’s San Diego Comic Con exclusive. Mini seems to be the on-going theme for this year’s convention exclusive. The mini Tatooine set at Star Wars Celebration is followed up by a mini Dagobah scene showing Yoda’s hut, the downed X-wing, and micro versions of Luke in X-wing gear and Yoda. R2 is also represented, docked in the X-wing. The set will cost $39.99 and comes with 177 pieces.

With the Star Wars Celebration set being Episode IV-based, and the SDCC set being Empire-based, there’s a good chance that the New York Comic Con set will be centered around Return of the Jedi. If they follow the same set design, I’m willing to be it will be the Endor bunker and a micro AT-ST walker.

Complex is also reporting that in order to purchase the set, potential buyers will have to pick up a winning from the Sails Pavilion located on the roof of the convention hall. I will try and dig up more details on the process.

Thanks to Gooker1 for the tip.

Nick Martin | June 17th, 2015 | LEGO Jurassic World, Reviews

Review: 75920 Raptor Escape

75920 Raptor Escape Full Set

Now that Jurassic World has hit theaters, likely been in the talk for Oscars and made eleventy billion dollars on it’s opening night (I started writing this on Thursday, so I don’t really know, but if there was ever a sure-fire bet for “making back it’s budget” in a movie, it’s something like this)… it’s time to get reviewing those sets. I picked up a few of the JW sets back in early May when they showed up with the other new summer stuff, but hadn’t gotten around to writing these reviews.

I’d like to give you some really good excuse like “waiting for the movie” or “couldn’t contain my excitement” but honestly, I’m smack-dab in the middle of the “eh…” category when it comes to Jurassic World and the related sets. Make no mistake, I love dinosaurs, enjoyed the first movie well enough, and like seeing LEGO sets with nice pieces. But It’s because I love reading about and studying dinosaurs that I’ve never been overly enamored with the Jurassic Park movies. They are certainly entertaining films, but the science in them is just so awful it breaks me out of my suspension of disbelief a lot, which makes them hard to watch. It’s also not helped by the fact that every scene in every one of the movies brings the thought “wait, how did you possibly think this was a good idea” screaming to the front of your brain.

Reviewing 75920 Raptor Escape was one of my first choices when I was signing up for these, because it was the set that seemed to have a few nice things to offer. Some interesting parts, a person of color character, not-really Velociraptors Velociraptors, and the potential to make railing jokes all add up to a fun day for me.

At $39.99 USD and 394 parts, it’s also probably the best “sticker” value of the Jurassic World sets at first glance. I believe that it’s a Walmart exclusive in the US (I picked mine up at a LEGO Store), since I’m not seeing it listed anywhere else. Even though it is distinctly lacking in Chris Pratt (something that increases the value of everything in the universe),maybe it’ll end up being a gem of the line…

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