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Star Wars Review: 9490 Droid™ Escape

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Star Wars Review: 9490 Droid™ Escape

Postby legobilly » Mon Jun 11, 2012 11:23 am

Here we have the 2012 Lego Droid(™?) Escape

9490 Droid™ Escape by LegoBilly, on Flickr

This model sells for $20 and consists of 137 pieces, which makes it 14.59 cents a piece.
This is a remake of the 7106 Droid Escape that one had only 44 pieces.
Let's see if the 93 extra pieces was worth it.

9490 Droid™ Escape by LegoBilly, on Flickr

The first thing I noticed was the new shape they gave it, nice improvement. The next thing I saw was the sad excuse for a speeder bike they included, not nice. For one, there were no speeders on tatooine (that we saw), second, you want to make it a larger set? give me a Dewback. (Where's My Dewback?!) Such a lost opportunity. And third, it's a really poor rendition of a speeder. Did they sell THAT many poly bag speeders? And if they did, did they think it was because people couldn't get enough of that awful bike? The answer is no, people. We bought them for the storm trooper, thank you very much. Which brings me to my next beef. Why are they putting these speeder bikes in all these models? There was no speeder bike on Hoth but there it is in Echo Base, all they had to do was put a Wampa in there and they would've sold a bunch more. Red Protocal Droid + Wampa = Cool. The Third part I noticed was the new Sandtrooper Minifig. Oh yes this is cool. And look, they also updated C-3PO with colorful wire prints.
So far for my $20 it looks like I get 2 Sandtroopers, an updated C-3PO and another R2-D2.
Where are the other 70 pieces going to go? Let's find out.

Uh Oh, Looks like we don't get printed escape pod pieces like we did in 7106. Boo. Stickers, Lame.

Let's put this thing together.

Bag Number 1:
Hey look, the Stormtroopers (sorry Sandtroopers) faces are printed on black heads, I guess to make them look like they are wearing ski masks (now's your chance to finish that bank robbery scene you've always wanted to build). The printed storm trooper legs are really nice, I can't wait to put one on my Old Dewback!. Ooo, that's cool, we get 2 different colored shoulder thingy's (ok pauldron). Note: the instructions tell you to put the shoulder thingy (pauldron) on the neck and then the back pack bracket, then the head, kinda iffy, put the back pack bracket on first then the cauldron, it's a little easier and fits nicer. C-3PO is now made from the Pearl Gold and along with the multi colored cables printed on the torso we are given printed eyes! Now that looks tricky. R2 looks the same, wait . . let me check . . . yep, the same.

9490 Droid™ Escape Star Wars by LegoBilly, on Flickr

9490 Droid™ Escape Star Wars by LegoBilly, on Flickr

Now to that unexciting speeder bike. Ugh. Let's get this over with. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17,18, ooh they found a new use for that 2x2 one stud tile, 19, 20, really? That;s how the handle bars work? 21, 22, 23, 24. Few, let's look at the final product. Wow! That's even uglier than I thought it was gonna be. Let us set that aside, shall we?
Now that's cute, they give you 2 pearl silver 1x1 round plates to act as droid parts. Very clever.

9490 Droid™ Escape Star Wars by LegoBilly, on Flickr

Bag Number 2:
The POD. Oh, this is cool. A 4x8 half circle brick. I'll have to check but I think this is new new piece (it's been in 4 sets since 2004, wow). Ah, here's that new cheese wedge on a 1x2 plate piece. That was quick, just finished the first half. I thought that gear was there to do something cool, but it's just there for support. I must say the way they designed the rear jet system is pretty sweet. Why do I have the soundtrack going through my head? Ooo, the front hooks in nicely! Um, really? the other half is just held in by friction? ew. hmm let's see . . . . ash that's better a technic double snap peg and we're ready for swooshing! Hey, this looks better than on the box!

9490 Droid™ Escape by LegoBilly, on Flickr

Oh, almost forgot. Stickers. wow, putting these stickers on straight is next to impossible. 4 long skinny on a curved surface? Good luck matching them up.

9490 Droid™ Escape by LegoBilly, on Flickr

Now let's put 3PO and R2 in there . . hmm maybe this way . . no . . . maybe they have a certain way? . . .oh I see, there's only one way to put them in there so they aren't flopping around, got it, thank you last page. This is a cool ride.

What I liked: The new design is a vast improvement from 7106: lots of jets and thrusters, the half cone piece giving it a more pod look, the droids having a place to sit in it. The two Sandtroopers are great with their new dusty prints on the helmet, torso and legs. New print on C-3PO.

What disappointed me: The inclusion of a lame speeder bike. I would have rather they included a new Dewback, (or an old Dewback, or part of a Dewback?) than this thing. If not, then why not the giant hair pick/comb from Spaceballs? Oh, I got it! Give me the skeleton of the pseudo Brontosaurus that 3PO walks by, now that would be cool. The stickers instead of printing on the half cone and curved pieces. (sorry, you raised my standards with 7106)

The way it comes, a precarious 7. It holds together fine, it won't fall off upside down, but don't pick it up by the lid cause it'll come off. But, if you add my little improvement (which I think they originally had in mind) with the one snap connector, it's a 10.

Total Value:
For 20 bucks it's a solid kit in comparison to how they are pricing things now. It seems that it would have worked better as a $15 set but I think they had the battle packs and needed to put something in the $20 price range.This kit would work for two kids since there are two vehicles, so that's a plus. The sandtroopers are sweet and the design of the pod is a vast improvement and really clean.

A solid representation of a classic scene from the movie that started it all. (Minus the speeder bike)

Thanks for reading everybody. There are more pictures on my flickr page. Lastly, this is my first review here on FBTB so let me know what you think. Thanks.
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Re: Star Wars Review: 9490 Droid™ Escape

Postby freight69 » Fri Mar 01, 2013 2:26 pm

I would have loved to see Lego make the escape pod smaller and ditch the other "vehicle" for a dewback. Even if it cost $5-$10 more because of the additional creature, it would have been worth it.

My little kids love this set. It's from a scene in A New Hope that everyone remembers and there's some playability there. Sets like this are the bait you set to get your kids into Lego before your wife suspects what is going on. The next thing she knows there are Death Stars and Star Destroyers under the Christmas tree each year.
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Re: Star Wars Review: 9490 Droid™ Escape

Postby koumoru » Tue May 28, 2013 9:54 am

Thanks for the review i picked up this set myself. The sandtroopers are my favorite part, i love the sand and dirt detail on them i almost want to pick up another copy of the set just for 2 more troopers. And i agree with the reviewer it totally needs a dewback. The speeder bike is pretty lame (well by the design i think it is suposed to be a swoop, but thays splitting hairs. Overall it is a good set though.
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