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Star Wars Roundup: New Cast Members, New Solo Film Director and JJ Teases Fans

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Star Wars Roundup: New Cast Members, New Solo Film Director and JJ Teases Fans

Postby Staff » Wed Jun 04, 2014 10:29 pm


Two new cast members were announced for Star Wars Episode VII this week. Academy Award winning actress Lupita Nyong’o seen above with her SAG award and Gwendoline Christie, seen below on Game of Thrones fighting a bear... with a wooden sword.


These two new faces break up the boys club that is Star Wars a wee bit and I can't wait to see who their characters are.

On the front of totally unsubstantiated rumours comes word that the slate of stand alone films has been revealed by a Hasbro Toy event and reported by a German website. If this is true it would breakdown as:

  • • 2014: Rebels

  • • 2015: Episode VII

  • • 2016: Boba Fett

  • • 2017: Episode VIII

  • • 2018: Solo

  • • 2019: Episode IX

  • • 2020: Red Five

Red 5 could be based on any of the pilots that have used that call sign, or maybe it'll be like Seven Samurai except with Darth Maul, R-3PO, Kardue'sai'Malloc, Darth Talon and let's say... a Royal Guard, or Luke from Angry Birds. So, that schedule would put Gareth Edwards on Boba Fett duty and the Han Solo film would be helmed by the newly announced Josh Trank.


Director of Chronicle and the hilariously controversial Fantastic Four reboot, Trank is another life long Star Wars fan that even made a mildly inappropriate fan film back in 2007. These stand alone flicks are years off (if the subjects are even finalized) and if the recent Ant Man issues prove anything it's that nothing is set in stone, so time will tell.


And finally, a lot of pictures from the indoor and outdoor sets of Episode VII showed up on line this week, which I won't link to here because I don't want the source to get anymore attention then they already do. If you haven't seen them, they won't be hard to find. The best part of the whole thing is JJ Abrams response to the leaking of photos and what may or may not be seen in the film.

What do you think of all the rumours and news rolling out of the SW universe right now? Good, Bad or Jar Jar?

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Re: Star Wars Roundup: New Cast Members, New Solo Film Direc

Postby Oky Wan Kenobi » Thu Jun 05, 2014 2:28 pm

Well, if you replace the wooden sword with a lightsaber and the bear with a Rancor or something it would look just like a possible scene from the movie! ;)
Oky Wan Kenobi
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Re: Star Wars Roundup: New Cast Members, New Solo Film Direc

Postby Darthhenry » Thu Jun 05, 2014 9:00 pm

Darth Jar Jar please :D Also, can we have Darth Maul come back :D If we're going to screw star wars up, let's do it right! :D
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Re: Star Wars Roundup: New Cast Members, New Solo Film Direc

Postby dWhisper » Thu Jun 05, 2014 10:14 pm

You're thinking too small. I actually wouldn't mind seeing the whole Jar-Jar thing explained (or better yet, the whole thing proposed on Robot Chicken, where he was actually the evil mastermind). But if you're going to screw up the... what do we call this... New Trilogy (NT), Post-Trilogy (PT), or Mouse Trilogy (MT)... I have this simple phrase.

Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalkers' clones.
If the above post didn't offend you, you're probably reading it wrong.
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Re: Star Wars Roundup: New Cast Members, New Solo Film Direc

Postby that guy » Fri Jun 06, 2014 11:01 am

Emperor stays dead

Luke becomes a pacifist and starts a campaign to take lightsabers out of the hands of criminals and fights the NLA (National Lightsaber Association)

Leia takes to binge eating and working the streets to help pay for her mounting legal bills from her Princess days

Han leaves Leia and adopts Oola's children after her unfortunate fate with the Rancor

Chewbacca takes to philanthropy and sells his fur to "locks for love"

R2D2 finally has enough of C3-PO's incompetence and pushes him into the lava fields of Mustafar and ends up in the cliffs of Tantooine practicing Buddhism.

Sadly any of these can't be too much more ridiculous than what we may get.........
that guy
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