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Upcoming (and ongoing) Changes to the Forums

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Upcoming (and ongoing) Changes to the Forums

Postby dWhisper » Mon Aug 31, 2015 1:34 pm

As three or four people may have noticed, we've been doing some little changes to the forums, trying to clean up some of the old clutter and consolidating a few areas to get our discussions a bit more together. It's no secret that the forums have been a bit slower than usual lately (happens when comments are also on Facebook... you should follow us, and on Flickr... and Twitter), and there are some sections that just don't get a whole lot of traffic.

We're in the process of consolidating down a few different sections, closing down a few others that are no longer used (Ask LEGO and the Set Guide have already been closed). There are more changes coming, and our end goal is that we'll have six major sections to our forums:

- LEGO Talk (which will also include things related to licensed themes)
- MOCs and Customs
- Reviews
- Contests and Community Builds
- Finds, Sales, and Deals
- The Bantha Coffee Shop (our off-topic discussion area)

There is one pretty notable absence here... the Buy/Sell/Trade forum. It's one of the longest-running features on FBTB but in recent years, we've seen a pretty big drop in activity. Most AFOLs work more through aftermarket sites and eBay, or just trading with their local LUG, and the few threads that do pop up are very rarely responded to.

The BST forum was always an unofficial part of FBTB, honestly, even if it was an important one. The staff didn't sponsor or guarantee anything, which is why we had the Strait Shooters list and the guild to manage it. Sadly, it seems as though the guild has mostly stopped frequenting the site, with very little activity and updates in the past couple of years. Since we can't take on the responsibility for the forum, we've taken the decision to shut down the BST section. I know there are a handful out there that will be bummed about the choice, but let's all be honest... if there was more activity on that board this wouldn't be happening.

We want to thank everyone who helped make that forum big over the years, and hope that eventually they come back and join our other discussions.

We're still working through some of the technical things on moving, so don't be alarmed if some forums disappear while we're tidying up.
If the above post didn't offend you, you're probably reading it wrong.
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