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[Town/City] Cars with capacity. If I can do it...

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[Town/City] Cars with capacity. If I can do it...

Postby JPCJedi » Fri Feb 26, 2010 3:36 pm

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...then why can't the LEGO company?
Form shall follow function.

Much inspiration came from Rocko's red car and new sports car.

Stay tuned for threads for individual cars.

I really would like to hear some thoughts on my little design trend. I've done the best I can and worked tirelessly to make the outsides of these cars look at least passable. The Hummer was straightforward, of course. LDD/DesignByMe has been a wonderful tool, but in the end all these models rely on a pretty simple architecture that's close but not perfect.

For instance, the cabin basically has to be 6x8--8 studs long--to accommodate two rows. The big wheels on the black sedan, for instance, need four studs in length to fit under the car--adding another 8 studs to the length, leaving a minimum of 16 using that platform. The minifig scale converter tells me that 16 studs is around 200 minifig inches, closer to the length of a minivan than a sedan. Additionally, those same wheels are each 2 studs wide leaving four studs in between them, meaning there's no chance of fitting two minifigs side-by-side between them in a third row. So as it stands, the Ford Flex is impossible with 20-inch wheels.
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