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Details of a Destroyer

Back in 2000, LEGOLAND, CA hosted the first and I think only Star Wars Galactic Building Challenge. The winners in the two age groups got quite a prize package including a Darth Maul bust that was different than the UCS set, a trip for four to Denmark where they partook in the design process of LEGO Star Wars sets, and a life-sized LEGO model of a droid of their choice. David Michon of the 5-10 age group chose R2-D2, standard fare nowadays for the model makers. Peter Nagy, winner of the 11-16 age group, chose something else. With Episode I having been in theaters and Episode II coming up, he chose a Destroyer Droid. The following pictures show the details of such an elaborate model. Here are some data points of the model:

  • 130 Hours for Prototype Design
  • 183 Hours to Build
  • 8 Pound Steel Armature for Support
  • 85 Pounds of Bricks
  • 62″ Overall Height
  • Better than 4/5 Scale

The model was built by Erik Várszegi from LEGO’s Shows and Events team built the model. The following pictures were all I was able to recover from the deep bowels of my hard drive. What’s lacking most are large pictures of the front, left and right. In any case, enjoy!