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New Polybags Showing Up at TRU and Target in US


It’s (finally) almost 2017, and that means that new sets and the like are starting to show up. While we’re going to get a sales roundup going for some of the new sets popping up January 1st, there are a few things out there that you need to visit a store to pick up.

First up, a LEGO Batman Movie polybag that I grabbed at Target week-ish back while on the prowl for new LEGO Batman sets.


It’s an easy way to get the new Batman with the utility belt and some lightsaber bars. There are a bunch of Batman figures hopping around thanks to all the sets, but at $3.99 and 59 parts, there’s a bunch of value here regardless.


If you want to look for it, here’s the Item # and UPC. I’ve seen it in multiple Targets around Dallas, so it should be relatively easy to find.


The more exciting one for me, honestly, is this polybag that I ran across at TRU. While hiding my shame at being in the store (which was mitigated when I made them price-match to [email protected] prices for 70900 The Joker Balloon Escape set and negate the TRU tax), I was surprised to see this fantastic little Krypto polybag, also coming in at $3.99.


I doubt if you have a soul if you do not fall in love with that little dog. The rest is gravy. Interesting side-note… all of the logo parts in the polybag, including the Superman logo and the series logo on the tail, are printed.