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Nick Martin | February 14th, 2014 | News

Clone Wars Season 6 coming to Netflix March 7th

Bummed that Disney took a big axe to Clone Wars before the series could be wrapped up? Well, if you have Netflix, you’re in luck (if you’re like me and rely on Amazon Prime now… well, we’re out of luck). I’ll be honest, Clone War is on a long list of shows I’ve never gotten around to watching (see also: Lost, The Sopranos, Walking Dead, How I Met Your Mother… this list could get lengthy), but unlike a lot of shows on the list, I intend to someday. While I won’t miss the faces on minifigures, some of the Clone Wars sets had really started to improve in recent years, so hopefully Rebels can fill in the void!

Thanks to the several people that sent it in or linked it in chat.

Update: Added the date, which I’d missed entirely when I first read the news release…