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Ace Kim | October 16th, 2013 | LEGO Super Heroes, Marvel Comics, News

New Character Images From LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

1 - Kurse

Marvel’s updated their image library with new screenshots of characters featured in the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game. In addition to Kurse above, the other characters are:

2 - Havok

6 - Pyro

8 - Superior Spider-Man
Superior Spider-Man

3 - Iron Fist
Iron Fist

9 - Taskmaster

7 - Shocker

5 - Power Man
Power Man

4 - Moon Knight
Moon Knight

My favorite screen cap has to be Superior Spider-Man. The artwork on the billboard behind ol’ webhead is just awesome.

The game comes out next week on October 22 for all major consoles except for Wii.