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Casey "cas" Scott | April 28th, 2012 | LEGO CUUSOO, News

CUUSOO Back to the Future Entry Reaches 10,000 Votes

It was only a matter of time. M.togami’sBack to the Future(BTTF) – DeLorean Time Machine” LEGO CUUSOO entry has reached its goal. Does this mean we’ll have a LEGO DeLorean in our future? Maybe. Maybe not. Consider the licensing that is likely required. Universal Pictures. Amblin Entertainment. DeLorean Motor Company. It’s quite a hurdle beyond designing a set that might one day grace store shelves or LEGOShop, but hopefully it’s a hurdle that LEGO is willing to overcome to deliver a stellar and geek-tastic product. Who knows, perhaps LEGO has considered a Back to the Future license in the past and the paperwork’s already been done…