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Ace Kim | March 31st, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars, News

April Fools': Lifelites’ LEDSaber: A Self-Contained Light-Up Lightsaber

You had me at self-contained. Rob Hendrix, the master craftsman behind has come up with a product that everyone and their sister will want for the Star Wars minifigs: a completely self-contained light up lightsaber. He’s sourced a manufacturer to create special batteries to his specifications to fit inside a standard LEGO lightsaber hilt. Simply plug in a lightsaber blade and voila! You have yourself a glowing lightsaber. No more wires, no more unremovable lightsabers, simply the best solution that everybody’s been waiting for. Rob says that the batteries should last anywhere between 8-12 months depending on usage. No word on cost yet as that has yet to be determined. For more information, hit up his site. I can hear the lightsaber sound effects now…