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Ace Kim | October 18th, 2010 | LEGO, Sales News

Holiday Shopping Begins: Double VIP Points and Free Shipping at LEGO Shop@Home

Double VIP Points and Free Shipping

We all know holiday shopping can be a bore, and if you’re lazy like me, the cost of convenience is sometimes worth not having to drive, waste gas, pollute the air, deal with traffic, deal with lines, deal with out of stock situations where you have to drive to another store, etc. And when that cost is free? Heck, it’s a no brainer. Add the bonus of getting DOUBLE VIP points and you get LEGO Shop@Home’s current promotion. Yep, US and Canada LEGO Shop@Home now offers double VIP points and FREE Shipping now through 11:59pm EST December 13, 2010. There’s some fine print so be sure to check out the site for all the details.