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Ace Kim | June 8th, 2007 | Uncategorized

Calling all MOC’s: Star Wars Weekend at LEGOLand, CA

June 23 and 24 is Star Wars Weekend over at LEGOLand, CA. If you’re interested
in displaying your Star Wars-themed MOC’s, we’d love to have it. I realize this
is the same weekend as Brickworld, but with any luck there’ll be some of you
who’ll want to participate at the LEGOLand event. We’ll have the big mural that
was at the Star Wars Celebration on display as well as Jared’s custom
minifigures, Todd Kubo’s mini scale blockade runner, a super large scale
speederbike modeled after the 1999 set model made by Jon Palmer and Dan Parker,
and hopefully some other goodies. Shoot me an email at no_onions AT yahoo DAWT com if you’re interested in participating and we can work out the details.