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Archive for January, 2006

Ryan "chief" Wood | January 24th, 2006 | Uncategorized

New and Updated Galleries

Your friendly neighborhood Customs Guy here tonight with two brand new galleries and a huge update from a community favorite:

Commander Jake drops in with a custom Episode 3-style Jedi starfighter.

Darth Brother says hello with his unique Sailbarge.

And MINI master ObiJon sends in a big update with an entire line of vehicles from the Original Trilogy. It’s great to see the improvements over his earlier designs, and the use of real pieces!

All this and more in our expansive FBTB Customs section.

Ace Kim | January 18th, 2006 | Uncategorized

6211 Imperial Star Destroyer Alternate Models Hi-Res Images

Good ol’ Stevie comes through once again. Here are some hi-res images of the ISD’s alternate models. An Outrider and a T-16 Skyhopper:

I may have overdone it on the size of the T-16 image, but oh well. Considering these only use the parts that are included in the 6211 set, it really adds quite a bit of value. I would guess that the building instructions for the alternate models may be available via download at the site in the future.

Ace Kim | January 17th, 2006 | Uncategorized

6211 Imperial Star Destroyer Hi-Res Images

I just recieved some images of the new 6211 Imperial Star Destroyer set. I resized them to make them a little more web-friendly. Click on the thumbnails below for a larger image (each link will open in a new browser):

Once you’re done viewing those, take part in the various discussions in our LEGO Star Wars forum.

Ace Kim | January 16th, 2006 | Uncategorized

7250 Clone Scout Walker Reviewed

Catching up on some older set reviews, tonight I offer you my take on 7250 Clone Scout Walker.

Denise | January 14th, 2006 | Uncategorized

IPG Is Back

Now that the craziness of the holidays is over, FBTB’s Internet Price Guide has had a shakedown. The guide went dormant around mid-November since it’s pretty much impossible to keep up with the daily fluctuations in availability as the holidays approach. As of now, the guide is bare-bones as many sites still haven’t replenished their inventories. For example, Amazon/ has only one item listed, and it could disappear tomorrow, to be replaced by a different item the next day. Other vendors have disappeared off the guide completely since they no longer have any LEGO Star Wars sets in stock. If they restock, they’ll be reinserted back into the guide. One vendor, ToyWiz, has been removed due to obnoxiousness: not only do they have a disturbing animated flash advertisement on their right sidebar, they jacked up their prices for the now-harder-to-find Episode III sets, some more than double MSRP. Anyway, the guide is back in a slimmed-down version to serve again as your LEGO Star Wars internet reference.

Ace Kim | January 2nd, 2006 | LEGO Star Wars, Reviews

Review: 6205 V-wing Fighter

January 3, 2006

The LEGO Star Wars V-wing fighter is probably the last Revenge of the Sith set we’ll see for a while, seeing as to how it’s the ONLY Episode III to come out in 2006. And rather than salute the line by going out with a bang, it more resembles a sputter than anything else.

The ship turned out to be a lot more solid feeling than what the initial pictures convey. The back of the ship is bulky and robust. There are three sets of movable wings, but only one set features click hinge plates to position them and keep them in place. The other two sets of wings use clips on handle bars, and without the exactness of click hinges, can easily be knocked out of place. It can be a bit nerve-wracking if you’re the type to display your set and want the wing flaps to look nice and even. It took me a few minutes to set up the wings they way I wanted for the photos but, yet again I remind myself that this is LEGO and modifications are easily accomplished.

The 4 wings can fold down against the ship, and by doing so gives enough clearance for the landing gear to allow the V-wing rest on the ground. I have no idea why I saved a rear view of the ship while grounded, but there it is. The bottom of the ship is nothing to write home about. The landing gear is really simple and doubles as a finger grip for extreme swooshing action. It really is the only place to really grip since the inverse sloped bricks are a little difficult to hold.

Even though the ship is designated with a letter ‘V’, I fail to see any semblance of a ‘V’. Lucas lost me at ‘B’ and ‘A’ to be honest with you; the shape looks more like the design was inspired the Sith Infiltrator.

First debuting in the Ultimate Space Battle set, the dark red droid makes an appearance. I’m pretty sure everyone now is just waiting for the body and legs to be made in dark red. You also get a clone pilot figure. The troopers in the LEGO Star Wars line have been some of the best minifigs ever made by the company with lots of detail and accuracy. I mean, just look at the helmet.

The LEGO V-wing is a neat little set that at first appears to be a tad flimsy with plate construction taking up the majority of the bulk, but in the end feels solid enough to fly around the room. If you like setting up epic space battles, you should pick up a couple of these and at just $9.99, you can’t afford not to. It’s also not too shabby for parts, where you get a some bley/dark bley and dark red bits, the majority of which are in plate form. The final score might seem a bit low; but like I said before, “it’s neat.”

Price/Parts ratio: 9/10
Parts Selection: 6/10
Minifigs: 5/10
Construction: 4/10
Design: 6/10
Swoosh Factor: 10/10
Reviewer’s Tilt: 5/10
Final Score: 6.42

Images used in this article: